Skyrim's bug problems will benefit Fallout 4, says Bethesda

As much fun as Bethesda's 2011 fantasy epic Skyrim was, it's impossible to deny that the game contained more than a few bugs. Fortunately, the developer promises that lessons learned during its development will be used to improve the upcoming Fallout 4.

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KryptoniteTail1254d ago

Release a Skyrim Remaster on PS4 already.

RyujiDanma1254d ago

we need an oblivion remastered

KryptoniteTail1254d ago

There are lots of remasters we need, so just put them in a TES Collection.

1254d ago
SaiyanFury1254d ago

I have zero doubt that I shall receive disagrees, but I care not. I would also love to have a remastered Skyrim on PS4. I have it for both my PS3 and my 360. I was playing ESO last night on Bleakwind Isle (I think that's what it was called) and I thought the textures looked stunning in native 1080p. The area was clearly based on Skyrim's design and looked phenomenal. I'd love to see what they could do with the new systems.

SaiyanFury1253d ago (Edited 1253d ago )

It's all fine and well having the PC version with it's modding community, but I do not have an operating desktop PC capable of running Skyrim at 30FPS or indeed 60FPS at 1080p. I do have a PS4 that I bought last year, and I would still like to see a remaster. I'm not interested in backwards compatibility, that's what I have my PS3 and 360 for. I would simply like to see what they can do with the game for the newer generation of consoles for what is one of my favourite games of all time. I love Bethesda's games, buggy though they may be, and I would happily support them bringing any of their older games to the forefront of the newer consoles.

spacedelete1254d ago

its times like this you wish you had BC. you can't rely on these companies to remaster as they won't feel like it. just look at RDR its one of the most requested remasters yet Rockstar don't seem to want to remaster it.

mkis0071254d ago

BC wouldn't do it for me, I want updated visuals and performance, but the same game.

psplova1254d ago

Long as you can carry over save files between the 360 and PS4, I'm down..

LastNewtStandin1254d ago

Nah just play the old version man Be it via back compat on xone or on a 360/ps3 or a basic pc, TES Morrowind is the one that needs a remaster on all formats man, That game was deep!

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Silly Mammo1254d ago

And Morrowind's bug problems should have benefited Oblivion; and Oblivion's bug problems should have benefited Fallout 3; and Fallout 3's bug problems should have benefited Skyrim...I'm seeing a trend here.

N0TaB0T1254d ago

Excusing and/or justifying random freezes during loading screens needs to happen, apparently...

-Foxtrot1254d ago

Can I just insert (gigitty) Fallout New Vegas after Fallout 3

Skate-AK1254d ago

To be fair, Obsidian made New Vegas. I get what you mean though.

Irishguy951254d ago (Edited 1254d ago )

All you have to do is...never ever trust todd howard. Lying is his forte. But its been way too long now and promise after promise and feature after feature that simply never get done. Expect Fallout 4 to be a minor upgrade from Fallout 3. Expect it to have bugs.

More than likely it'll still be a great game(for those it appeals too). But yeah...just, look at bethesdas history here. They're known for their lies and overhype and fake "Non scripted" demos.

I just hope FO4 isn't streamlining some more features of FO3..

The lies of Todd. Always the most interesting features that don't make it into their games.

XD THis one
"Radiant AI" woooo

All those fallout 4 statements at E3. Just remember -> Don't expect them to actually be IN the game.

showtimefolks1254d ago

I hope for a smooth launch without any major game breaking glitches. One thing is when we are talking about huge open world games than some minor issues are to be expected, just look at the Witcher 3. But I would like Bethesda to be on top of it and not take weeks or months to release patches

This time the is no excuse, both ps4 and Xbox one are easy to develop for and very pc like. So no excuses just please deliver complete fallout experience

kaizokuspy1254d ago

Amidst all the horrible bugs in fallout 3, new vegas, and skyrim. I gotta say, I'll never learn my lesson with bethesda. The games are always a blast and sometimes I like the comic relief of mammoths falling from the sky due to bugs lol.

On a different note. I love what bethesda has done for wolfenstein. Make a f2p wolf et on next gen already. My body is ready for enemy territory. It will crap on cod if it ever hits consoles.