Steins;Gate 0 For PS4, PS3 and PS Vita Gets a Japanese Release Date and a New Trailer

Today 5pb. released a new trailer of the upcoming visual novel for PS4, PS3 and PS Vita Steins;Gate 0, the new chapter of the Steins;Gate series.

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SaveFerris1253d ago

Is this game a port of the 360 version?

nodim1253d ago

no, a brand new game.

KryptoniteTail1253d ago

I get happy when I see Vita included.

gokuking1253d ago

This game will sell best on Vita, so I don't know why you'd be surprised to see that.

Spotie1253d ago

Because the Vita is always reported to have no games.

KryptoniteTail1252d ago

Did I say "surprised ?" Learn to read.

ryuuzakibjorn1253d ago

Wonder if we'll get an English translation.

theshredded1253d ago (Edited 1253d ago )

Hell yeah, ps4 release!