Video Game Deals of the Week – 07/08 Update from Amazon & others (US)

Some cool deals going on this week: the Playstation TV is back in stock and available for $39 at Amazon. They also still have the PS Vita for $169.99.

In games, Amazon have Drive Club for $19.99, Assassin’s Creed Rogue (PS3) for $9.99, and Sly Cooper – Thieves in time for $12.88. Amazon’s Prime exclusive deals are still going on for video games (check the article for details). Best Buy have an ongoing sale on a bunch of games, including Battlefield Hardline, Just Dance 2015, Fifa 15, etc…

The Humble bundle this week is particular, as it targets game creators: pay what you want for $1985 worth of game creation tools including Game Guru, AGFPro 3.0, Stencil, RPG Maker, and more. Steam’s midweek madness deal is 50% off LISA.

In preorders, the gorgeous Xbox One elite controller is fighting against the PS4 Dualshock 20th anniversary edition for the spot of the most popular preorder this week.

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Gority887d ago

Most of these deals are just the amazon price which is a few pennies less than MSRP.....

frwololo887d ago

It's a mix, honestly. Some of the deals are really good and don't last long. The PSTV at $39 for example is clearly an "end of life" price, and it's likely the device will be hard to find after that.

Gority886d ago

Sure, but when the article is video game deals of the week, and your pic is of ratchet and clank and it's the normal price, that doesn't make much sense.

MoveTheGlow886d ago

This is a super-detailed list, penny discounts notwithstanding. Thanks for it!

rataranian887d ago

Whats the point of pre ordering games that have just been announced and dont even have a release date?

frwololo887d ago

I can see it if it's for a franchise you really love. I preordered Half Life 2 more than a year before it was out, when its release date was still unknown. I'll probably preorder Uncharted 4 too.

imtheman2013886d ago (Edited 886d ago )

I pre-order special editions of games on Amazon because they don't charge you anything until a few days before the games come out. For example, I have both the Pipboy Edition of Fallout 4 and the Collector's Edition of The Phantom Pain pre-ordered, and it hasn't cost me anything yet, but it's reserved me items that are sold out at almost all locations, including Amazon now.

Obviously, these games have release dates. The only game that I've pre-ordered without a release date is Kingdom Hearts III because I've been waiting for that game since like 2005, and Amazon had it listed for $40 when I pre-ordered it. I'm pretty sure they have something that says if you pre-order an item from them at a certain price, and that item's price is increased, you'll pay the original price instead of the increased price. Figured I'm getting the game anyway and it's costing me nothing right now, might as well try and get the game for $20 less than normal while I can.

rataranian886d ago

So its more about the stuff that comes with it than the actual game?

imtheman2013886d ago

Not necessarily. It's just a matter of how badly I want the game. If I want it badly enough to pre-order, I go with Amazon because they don't charge me immediately. My examples just happen to be special editions because those are the most recent games I've pre-ordered.

pivotplease886d ago (Edited 886d ago )

I did a pre-order for a few games I knew I would get day one regardless. I primarily did this because amazon had a pre-order 3 get 30% off deal going which essentially is the same as getting one game free or paying 40 to 45 on release day which is an insanely good deal.

LAWSON72886d ago

Not a Amazon deal, but Gamestop Pro members can get The Order 1886 for $20 used this month. I think I might get it out of curiosity.

886d ago