Dragon Quest Builders for PS4, PS3 and PS Vita Announced by Square Enix; First Screenshot Released

Square Enix announced today Dragon Quest Builders, that will be released this winter in Japan for PS4, PS3 and PS Vita.

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NatureOfLogic_1252d ago

This is a huge announcement out of nowhere. Another Dragon Quest game that's Playstation exclusive. There's no doubt that DQ11 will be Playstation exclusive.

Abriael1252d ago

I totally did not expect it. But I'm surprised it looks THIS close to Minecraft. It's like borderline plagiarism lol.

miyamoto1252d ago (Edited 1252d ago )

This is more like 3D Dot Game Heroes on PS3 to me. A spiritual sequel perhaps.

Even that screen shot a a chibi Link -ish main character is taken straight out of 3DDGH promo poster.

This game will probably have a first person and a third person view game play.

ShinMaster1252d ago

I was thinking 3D Dot Game Heroes

But it doesn't seem like the character models or trees are made of blocks.

slinky1234561252d ago

Not that close really. Minecraft is extremely pixelated. This just has environments that are square. That's it in similarity. Many games have environments that are used with squares. Gameplay may have some similarities to Mincraft building wise though.

breakpad1252d ago

F yeah!! i choose this over lame MInecraft anytime

gangsta_red1252d ago

There are a ton of Minecraft rip offs out there. Heck the most popular was Castleminer Z, an indie game on Xbox 360.

I thought this was going to be a real DQ game and not a spin off.

thorstein1252d ago

It makes me want to break out my old Lego Castle sets!

Good gods, I hope this comes to the West!

I have been a DQ fan since it was called Dragon Warrior on the NES.

Intranquill1252d ago

Borderline plagiarism? Other than the blocks, which COUNTLESS other games have, and even a game before Minecraft had, what is it copying?

The character model, that dinosaur, the trees, the water ( from what I can tell ) all look much, much different than Minecraft.

The world is voxel, but nothing else is, and that in my opinion not only makes it very different, but better in the process.

pivotplease1251d ago

IMO this looks leaps and bounds cooler than DQH. Might go for the Vita version depending on how it is. Hopefully it comes West early next year.

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slasaru011252d ago

Unfortunately, real DQ will be on Nintendo NX/WiiU/3DS most probably

blackblades1252d ago

Lol you wish, all these DQ games coming to playstation, they just gearing up for the real one be on ps. Nintendo just losing it they had DQ on there side now they switching to playstation, like many other things.

Baka-akaB1252d ago (Edited 1252d ago )

if there was anything else easier to guess than a FF7 remaster coming someday ... it would be that it wont release on 3ds since it's strongly hinted to be an home console game , and most likely not on WiiU . DQ follow the biggest platforms of each eras

pivotplease1251d ago

I hope Square makes the right choice and it's at least a multiplatform between the home consoles. A PS exclusive main entry would be huge though.

Baka-akaB1251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

I'll just say something quite selfish , but it's how i feel about it . Getting rid of the PS3/WiiU excess baggage would be great here . If multi , make it PS4/XB1 (and pc ? why not)

Dragon Quest isnt always about getting the best graphics and realisations , but sometimes they had truly stellar pushes in that direction on top of the other many qualities .

I'd quite like the next DQ to not look like a ps3 version with a better resolution , AA and framerate , like many current and upcoming jrpgs .

And DQ is quite strong enough a brand to push "next gen" sales that way without worrying about the previous gen .

Of course it's not a dealbreaker , just a wish here

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OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1252d ago (Edited 1252d ago )

Right PS platforms getting Spinoff DQ games.
while Nintendo platforms has finally gotten all mainline DQ games I-X.

DQXI will be multiplat for Wii U and PS4 or exclusive to one.

Loktai1252d ago

PS1 And PS2 each had an exclusive dragon quest that nintendo didnt get actually.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1252d ago

Dragon Quest VII and VIII are on 3DS.

Gohadouken1252d ago (Edited 1252d ago )

It's nice , but it's over ten years later on handhelds . All while the main entries were playable on ps3 via ps1 and ps2 comp and re-released and remade over time ? Except of course IX

And considering SE's track record with remasters , and the existence of ps classics or ps now ?

It's nice , again , escially wia few additions and bonuses , but in the mean time yeah i'll pick the new titles as a priority

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1251d ago


The only mainline DQ on PS are:
Dragon Quest IV(JP)
Dragon Quest V
Dragon Quest VII
Dragon Quest VIII

So how is the main entries playable on PS3 if only four were available to be played.

Gohadouken1251d ago

Yup my bad , i could have swore the compilation for earlier DQ were on psx or ps2 too , but it was on Wii .

Still it at least doesnt affect me personally , it's all titles i played at their actual releases , and that are quite often re-released , even on ios/android and will keep getting re-releases over time .

i'll still pick new games instead

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magiciandude1252d ago

Looks like 3D Dot Game Heroes, one of my favorite PS3 games. Hopefully Square-Enix will localize this.

scark921252d ago

I never got to play 3D Dot Heroes, would be cool if they re-released it!

blackblades1252d ago

Yeah like i said before and people bashed me, the next DQ is coming to ps4 definitely after this.

showtimefolks1252d ago

I think we next dragon quest game in the mainline series maybe exclusive to ps4, in the west it may come out on other consoles. Either way this looks good and can't wait to find out more

It looks like square are switching sides from Nintendo to Playstation, and business wise that's the accurate call to make. There has to be some seriously big check from a console maker for them to skip a Ps4 version even for limited time. And iF ps4 keeps selling like this than I don't see many AAA games from 3rd parties skipping a Ps4 version or being timed exclusive

3-4-51252d ago

Whoa awesome. Did not expect this but I can't wait to play this.

If they are doing this with the Dragon Quest series, then I think it's safe to say we are getting 7&8 3DS & Dragon Quest 11 in the U.S. as well.

-Foxtrot1252d ago

You know they could make Dragon Quest the Final Fantasy of the PS if they take their time and take advantage of the PS4 hardware.

Fullmetalevolust1252d ago

You're right I am shocked by the announcement and so pleased that it is coming to the Vita. The lil' device that could.
Yay for 3rd party developers who are supporting it, and I want it westward :)

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gokuking1252d ago

With the way Minecraft has been selling on the system, this will likely do great things for Vita in Japan.

the_dark_one1252d ago

this is cool and all, but.......... can they just officially announce dragon quest XI, and coming to ps4, that would be great.

FallenAngel19841252d ago

I guess this confirms that Dragon Quest XI will be a PS4 title

DonkeyDoner1252d ago (Edited 1252d ago )

i didnt see this coming hope this comes to the rest of world
and amen to that brother DQXI for PS4


majiebeast1252d ago (Edited 1252d ago )

Verendus who has a stallar track record says all DQ games for Playstation will be localized for the west. Also said 3/5 Playstation DQ games that are in development, have been announced. So 2 more to go.

VsAssassin1252d ago

I haven't played Minecraft, but I will give this a try. Maybe quest building plays a big role in this game. After all it's titled, Dragon QUEST BUILDERS. Lol!