Xiah: Rebirth New Updates Announced

Gamescampus today released a list with the latest updates to Xiah: Rebirth. The Accursed Ruins map is the most important addition and the most challenging zone yet, with level 111~140 monsters to test your skills against. The best drop items in the game are available there, as well as the best armor set yet, the Blood Dragon. A double FEMA and experience event is also underway until August 4th. Check the press release for more details.

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HappyRain3097d ago

Comment: Xiah is by far the best free mmo,and not only.He easily can overcome other comercials games.the graphics are very good and the game play wont let u down.this game is so complex,u have the freedom of doing lots of things.some1 told, it has 7 maps,well now it has 9.and the"server crushes" are not only the server's foult,it's your PC too that hasn't ennough performance.anyway,the Xiah team is working constantly to make this game more grater than it is,there wont be long and the "rebirth"will be availeble.yes, the quests are hard,monsters too,lvling too,but wtf.honestly,i hate those games in wich u reach max lvl in 1 week or 2,this is the real thing,this makes u feel sweathing trying to kill an +2 higher lvl boss,here u can xperience great wins or loses,the XIAH's community is impressive where u'll meet any kind of people.the game has a nice skill build,it has pets,nice items,lots of possibilities and ,as told, a great gameplay.try XIAH and u wont regret.IF U HAVE GUTS,I AND THE OTHER PLAYERS ARE W8ING U THERE.SHOW US WHAT U ARE ABLE FOR!!!