Horror Games; What is the Secret Ingredient?

Good old horror games, they have been around since the beginning of the gaming revolution. Some games, while scary, are far from terrifying while others will just plain not make you want to continue on with the game. Where is that perfect balance that developers have been striving for all of these years?

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GamerGabs1104d ago

Good concept, but it would have been nice to have in-depth details about each game and what makes them specifically a good horror game. Comparisons with horror games that don't work (and why) would also have been a nice touch.

Yukes1104d ago

In my opinion the secret ingredient is sound design. Clever use of sound to draw the player's attention and subtly hint at the horrors that await is a fantastic way of building tension.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent is the most terrifying game I ever played, and the creaking floorboards and heavy breathing of the horrific monsters set every one of my sense on fire!