Xbox One Update for July 7, 2015

Later today Xbox One owners will be getting a system update. This update prepares for game streaming to Windows 10 (launching July 29th) and our upcoming Backward Compatibility feature launching in a few months. There are no new user-facing features in this release as the team focuses on the New Xbox One Experience that will be available later this year.

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TheDreamCorridor806d ago (Edited 806d ago )

Brings the ability to update the future.

Mind bottling.

BattleAxe806d ago

Why would you want to bottle your mind?

4Sh0w806d ago

Well at least theres no shutting down for "system maintenance" as we get this "mind bottling"....personally I'll just pretend nothing happened😉

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slate91806d ago

Im hoooopppppiinnnggg preview members get the new UI update for August's update