MK9 and Injustice headed to Xbox One?

Earlier today on Twitter, Ed Boon (Creative Director at NetherRealm Studios) teased at what may be very big news.

Mortal Kombat 9 and Injustice: Gods Among Us could be headed to the Xbox One through backwards compatibility, or they may actually be brought to the console natively.

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bacrec11175d ago

I think MK 9 is better than X. More gameplay options, less paywalls.

4Sh0w1175d ago (Edited 1175d ago )

Well if you really care heres Ed Boons tweet:
"With Xbox1 (360) backwards compatibility... I wonder if it's safe for us to announce MK9 & Injustice for "Xbox1" ;)"



Same here. I just feel like a lot of the movement mechanics in mkx are weird. I can't get into it.

Shineon1174d ago

Having both games on PC I can say you are right mk9 is better especially in 1080P I'm glad xbox one players will have a chance to experience it

MSBAUSTX1175d ago

I really liked Injustice. Played it on Wii U. Never played MK9 though. I will have to try it.

FRAKISTAN1175d ago

Injustice: Gods Among Us is available on PS4 and not the last gen version. Full 1080P and I got free via PS+

twiggytree121175d ago

yeah it's been on ps4 for almost 2 years now this is true, but it is good to see xbox getting some love

falviousuk1175d ago

Do you feel better now that you made that announcement. This article is about the xbox , but yet again the sony fanboys are in here just to shout about the PS4.

Ill probably get suspended again for writing this, but who cares. Why do the Sony fanboy have free reign to constantly troll xbox articles and nothing ever happens to them except for ever more commenting rights. Guess the mods( or at least some of them are somewhat bias)

Jmanzare1175d ago

Oh so you have to buy the game a second time to play it on ps4.. Looks like I'll get it on my xb1 through backwards compatibility. I got both games digitally on sale a while back.
I miss noob, cyber subzero, cyrax, sektor, and smoke

Shineon1174d ago

Go troll them back their Internet is doooooooown, they have nothing else to do

jay21175d ago

If it's a port they better bring out MK 9 on the PS4, but I've got a feeling its just BC. Makes more sense from Injustest being out on ps4 already.

LAWSON721175d ago

If MK can happen WB might be up for supporting the Xbone BC if so it will be nice to see at least one publisher is on board so far

Lenrulesdaworld1175d ago

well both bethesa and ubisoft are on board, fallout 3, rainbow six and rainbow six vegas are coming as well. They were announced at e3

Gotcha51175d ago (Edited 1175d ago )

Don't forget EA on board as well...looks like MS is in for a great season with Win 10,F2P,triple A and 100 BC games(didn't forget indies and 2 GWG) you can't go wrong this fall.

Drop the Xbone crap...some people don't know when to let go. You SonySlaves must be jelly because you have a paywall behide your BC and Tv,Tv,Tv. Better get that 2nd job.

LAWSON721175d ago (Edited 1175d ago )

I completely forgot about those already announced BC games. I really can't wait for some more games to be added.

Also lol @gotcha

If you look at my comment history I would probably appear more of an Xbone fan than a PS one. I like the Xbone quite a bit more than my PS4, and to be fair I care more about Xbox because my friends are Xbox only gamers, therefore as far as I am concerned (for the most part) social aspects and Mp games are irrelevant for the system.