Rocket League Now Available on PC; Could Be Free for Your PS4

A venerable new sports/vehicle hybrid hits the market today in Rocket League. Are you ready, because You could have it for free right now.

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Stevefantisy1260d ago

This is a pretty hot game right now.

Jacktrauma1260d ago

My kids love this game so far! Lots o fun!

iTechHeads1259d ago

Do the menus still overheat PS4 or has there been an update released for that?

scark921259d ago

I am still waiting for an update on that before I play it!

ox_ADRlAN_xo1259d ago

Reports it still does it if you leave the menu screen on your tv but who sits on the menu screen for 10 minutes at a time? :) I don't think it does it if you're modifying your car, just if you let it set there at the main menu

chrisco84au1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

I'm hooked. Have already put around 10 hours into it, grabbed it yesterday on PS+ (I'm in Australia).
I'm being careful with the menu thing, don't want my PS4 to die but hot damn it's fun, easily one of the best PS+ (up there with Resogun) games since the PS4 launched.
Hopefully the online/servers become more stable soon and can really get into some competitive play.

Also an easy platnium (only 1 trophy will take while, drive 500km) for any trophy hunters out there.

Khajiit861259d ago

Looks fun better get to downloading... Thanks for the free version Sony.

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