Top 10 Fair-Haired Villains

In the most recent years of video games, it would seem a common practice to feature one of the antagonist characters sporting their fair-colored hair in one style or another. Some would argue that it has become the pivotal requirement for a villain for future-games all because of the most famous one there is, the iconic Sephiroth.

Like him or not, his infamy has become the cornerstone of fair-haired villains; it is like him that others strive to become. That is why, in this list, Casualty Gamer will present to you the Top 10 Fair-Haired Villains that are not Sephiroth.

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morganfell3714d ago

Calling Kain a villain isn't exactly accurate considering the revelations in the last game.

Ricdeau3713d ago

I'd really say you start to realize that he not really a villian during Soul Reaver 2 with all the events that unravel. Then you have everything else that happens in Defiance where you see just where he fits into things, but definitely in Soul Reaver 2 you know he's not a real villain. However, as was stated in the opening paragraph not all of them are true villians they just play an atagonistic role in their games.

morganfell3713d ago

I don't consider him an antagonist either. He is actually the protagonist. Nothing would have evolved to it's final state were it not for his actions.

Ricdeau3713d ago (Edited 3713d ago )

Well I guess it's all how you want to take in the story. In game size chunks or as a whole. He could placed in either role depending on how you want to look at it. If he didn't play the antagonist then Raziel would never have been provoked into his actions in the first place. He's placed in multiple roles. Anti-hero is where I would place him above all else. Not really quite one or the other if taken as a whole.

I'd still place him on a list of top atagonists due to how they developed his character throughout the games, he did at one point play the role. By his own will, sure, but he played it and did a damn fine job. That's just my view on it. To each their own.

Mr_Kuwabara3714d ago

Albedo was one [email protected]$$ sadistic freak. One of my favorite villains.

And well Solidus, he IS a true patriot.

Favorite Xenosaga quote-

"Such beauty they hold, these tears of sorrow. But are you worthy to shed such tears? The act of mourning the dead belongs to the realm of humans. The human race, fearful in its weakness, built this world in a futile attempt to elude the abyss they call mortality. Culture…civilization…all delusions created by a powerless race, and of little use, like a barren woman. But amidst all this, you continue to exist as an unfettered soul, free from the shackles of flesh and blood… A completely pure consciousness… An eternal spiral, undefiled by impurities… a fusion of fire, breath, and spirit… What can we call you…but angels? New, unadulterated psyches… But what you lack is reality. And that is what I shall provide you with…!"-Albedo

morganfell3714d ago

Absolutely right. Someone made a list of villains without playing MGS4.

Quickstrike3713d ago

he could rip his arms and head off and just continue to laugh while you go wtf did he just do? then his body just repairs its self. Seriously when I played Xenosaga for the 1st time and got to that part it made me crap bricks

Fullish3714d ago

Read the opening paragraph.

Polluted3714d ago

Lol. How is it you read to the very end, thus confirming that Sephiroth is not on the list, but failed to notice the opening paragraph?

I LOVE my xbox3713d ago

ew who even clicks the link that comes with the story anymore? that's so last year.

darkshiz3713d ago

Solidus Should be #1.

Perfect clone of the most kick*** soldier plus he's like one of the Ultimate Patriot. You didn't know he was fighting for good until the end of the game, like most MGS villains.

Tacki3713d ago

I have no problem with lists like this... but it reminds me of Gamesradar with their ridiculous Top *whatever* lists they have every other freakin' day.

We're now rating 'Fair-haired' villains? lol I'm not trying to trash this article at all but I can't help but find these sort of things a little silly. It's like having a 'Top 10 Baddies with Belts'. I realize it's just for fun... but I think there comes a point where you can strive for 'orginality' so much that it seems almost desperate.

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