No, Lara Isn’t Suffering From PTSD In Rise of the Tomb Raider, Says Director

“What we’re more interested in is her destiny to be the tomb raider,” says Rise of the Tomb Raider’s director.

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PhoenixUp1133d ago

She's still going to go through a more emotional character development than her original counterpart.

Septic1133d ago

As long as she doesn't have to resort to jazz hands I'm okay.

It's good to see the vulnerable Lara Croft grow and mature (take your minds out of the gutter!). It makes a character more relate-able, to an extent. Mind you, if that was me in real life, my knees would probably explode 5 seconds into the first sequence and there wouldn't be a sequel.

Bigpappy1133d ago

$49.99? is that the U.S. price?

VsAssassin1133d ago

She probably isn't suffering from PTSD, but she's just too dark in this reboot. I know CD has to move away from the wisecracking Lara, because if not she would be very similar to the good-natured Drake. That said, it's just really not enjoyable to see those leaps and glides Lara makes when the game demands her to take things way too seriously.

For example:
When Lara made those cliff jumps in the E3 demo, I felt pain and my face was distorted. When Drake and Sully leapt to the air on that 4x4 jeep, I was gliding with them with a smile and wonder on my face.

Bathyj1133d ago

Youre very empathetic. You could work with behavioral sciences at the FBI.

Imalwaysright1133d ago

Do you also have a smile in your face when the Drake is popping headshot after headshot and 5 seconds later cracks a joke with one of his buddies as if nothing had happened? If anything Lara's behaviour and attitude is more fitting to what she goes through. She is a survivor constantly fighting for her life.

Also Lara doesn't have to move away from the wisecracking Drake because she's always been dead serious since 1996.

VsAssassin1133d ago (Edited 1133d ago )

Whoa no need for negativity here. I was just pointing out my observations. I cited two seemingly parallel examples as best as I could. And no matter what you say, the reboot Lara is too dark for me (and for a few people) compared to her old persona. Good day sir.

To be fair, it's the tone of the game and its entirety that's dark. So i guess I'll take it for what it is. My opinion about her remains though.

Imalwaysright1133d ago

Who's being negative? I'm just saying that if you went through what Lara goes through making jokes would probably be the last thing on your mind. I'm just being realistic.

Rookie_Monster1133d ago

I will see if this rumor is true for myself this November on my XB1.

poor_cus_of_games1133d ago

I'm waiting on the definitive version.

Rookie_Monster1133d ago

I will get that too when it gets release about a year later....on my PC.

On PC, every version is a definitive version .;)

Bismarn1133d ago

Wow Lara *isn't* going through PTSD? Someone should have told Dan Abnett, it could have saved him and his readers a lot of trouble when writing the horrendous Tomb Raider: The Ten Thousand Immortals novel, wherein Lara can't hear a loud noise or board a train without collapsing into the fetal position gasping for air.

However the sequel novel and the new game are the same page about one thing: Lara mysteriously not carrying her newly mastered dual pistols is the reason for 95% of her problems.

Septic1133d ago

I got 99 problems but my dual wielded pistols are two.

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