Five Facts - Resident Evil 3


As the loser of the great sonnet war I have to congratulate Joel Rubin. There is nothing I’ve wanted to win more, Oh crap, nothing really rhymes with Rubin. Perhaps that’s a reason for why I lost. My skills don’t match his, I now understand. So now I must train no matter the cost, I know I have to gain the upper hand. So please Joel, get ready, for I will train. I'll study each poem book that I can find. Since my loss to you has caused me such pain, I'll expand my words, my thoughts, and my mind.

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Kyosuke_Sanada1174d ago

A Resident Evil game starring Hunk, why this haven't been created yet!?

Unlimax1174d ago

RE3 is still and in my opinion the best RE game that Capcom ever created .. its what i call an absolute perfection in the gaming history , every single second in this game draw an artistic memory in your brain that you wont forget even if you grown up , I'm so thankful to Capcom for planting a great fond of memories in my heart by making this game , thank you