Lizard Squad member who brought down PSN and Xbox Live gets a slap on the wrist

Engadget: "A Finnish court has convicted Julius Kivimäki (aka "Ryan" and "Zeekill") of a whopping 50,700 charges related to various computer crimes, including data breaches, telecommunication-based harassment and swiping credit card data. It sounds good, but his penalty is limited to a suspended 2-year prison sentence and an order to help fight cybercrime -- a trivial penalty in light of his overall damage."

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itsjustexuma1111d ago

Perhaps he will be transferred to the US so he can get a trail here too and add more years

morganfell1111d ago (Edited 1111d ago )

But he didn't really get any years. A 2 year suspended sentence. He swatted people, stole identities, attacked businesses and he gets told go home and we'll be watching you for two years. Live your life, go out with friends, carry on AND NO REAL CONSEQUENCES for people whom you cost thousands to millions of dollars. Sounds like a sentence sure to discourage other hackers.

Number-Nine1111d ago

Maybe there was some sort of deal. Like ratting out other members or something. If not then that sends a poor message

b_one1111d ago

way too many tree huggers there.

Sunny_D1110d ago

It's also has to do with the fact he's a minor. The kid even acknowledged he knew he would get off easy. Sure to make people mad.

Summons751111d ago

he'd probably get a slap on the wrist here too....these judges and government people are just too old to really know how dangerous and powerful our technology can be and we are setting trends to say that this kind of thing isn't serious so someone somewhere is going to do something a lot worse because they know they will be able to get away with it.

JohnWayne_1111d ago

Bring him down to Texas, we would put him on death row lol

Spotie1111d ago

No better comment from John Wayne.

JeffGUNZ1111d ago

@ Summons75

You really don't believe that, do you? I work within the government, more on the law enforcement side and a lot of higher ranking "just too old" officials know more then you'd imagine.

iceman061111d ago

If he transfers to the US, he'll will be HIRED before he is sent to prison. LOL

Live_Larry1111d ago (Edited 1111d ago )

Lol. He'd probably serve 17 consecutive life sentences if he ever happened upon the multi-billion dollar American prison industry. In the US of A, crime pays... the owners of prisons!

I mean, if holding a dime bag of pot gets you 2 to 10 years, I can't imagine what this guy's sentence would be.

DivoJones1111d ago

This is probably more true than any.. with cyber-security being in the terrible state it is, he'd be a government-contracted "hacker" in no time.

medman1110d ago

My question is why does Sony, Microsoft, and whoever else is getting hacked not suing this guy into oblivion? They should make sure he's penniless and in crippling debt trying to pay lawyer fees for the rest of his miserable life, and whatever paltry money he does make goes to reimburse the companies who lose millions due to his idiocy.

Viper71110d ago

Our legal system doesn't work that way. In here corporations can't just go around ruining peoples lives with army of lawyers. You can actually get a fair trial here no matter who you are.

And for my understanding Sony and Microsoft didn't get hacked by this dude. DDOS Attack isn't even remotely close to hacking.

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FarEastOrient1111d ago

So this is what Finnish sense of justice looks like.

SilentNegotiator1110d ago

Ironically, if he had been tried in the US, he would have been finnished.

Summons751111d ago

Ugh, of justice at all. Personally I think he should spend a good 25 years in prison for being a terrorist alone then an extra year for every charge. While bringing down XBL and PSN isn't a huge thing in it's own right the fact that he stole identities, credit card information is unforgivable. Worse off this is small stuff, what if a cyber-terrorist wants to really cause harm or damage? Crush these worms before they get any bright ideas or think they will get a slap on the wrist.

Sm00thop1111d ago

You're bang on with that comment, stealing identities and card info is a step to far, although 25 years is probably a little steep I can't help but think what if he chose to use that information for something a lot more sinister. They should definitely have to do some sort of time inside just to teach them a lesson and make them think twice about their actions.

iceman061111d ago

The REAL danger is that he has the knowledge to DO all of this stuff. Imagine him being hired, or worse being kidnapped and forced, to do what he was doing for some terrorist organization!?! Your average hacker stays in the dark enough to probably not be found. With this publicity, it would be close to impossible for this guy to hide. I know this sounds tin-foil crazy. But, the world is sometimes a tin-foil crazy place.

TWB1111d ago

In Finland, you dont even sit 25 years for murder, let alone this...

SilentNegotiator1110d ago

I just looked up info on Finnish law regarding it really true that murderers typically get pardoned after 12 years??

TWB1110d ago (Edited 1110d ago )

Yeah, I have heard that some even get out little earlier than that if they behave nicely. First timers even less.

Then again, maybe Im a bit ignorant on the Finnish crime rates but we dont really have a plenty of hardened criminals and like I said in another comment, the justice system aims to rehabilitate the criminals instead of flat out punishing them (which is what american justice system relys very heavily on) and creating a vicious cycle of crime. Apparently its working decently.

I dont know too much about the subject though...

HeroOfKvatch1111d ago

An actual slap on the wrist would've been more punishment than what he got.

Thunder_G0d_Bane1111d ago

Loooool so true he wouldn't have been able to handle that lol

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