APB gunning for an M

Realtime Worlds president Tony Harmon told GameSpot today that he's expecting his modern-day cops-and-robbers game APB to land an M from the Entertainment Software Rating Board. Though the game has no release date yet, the developer is planning to submit it to the ratings process next year.

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socomnick3708d ago

Isnt this game also coming out for the xbox 360.
Im glad they are going for a mature rating. :) I want some gore and want this game to smash gta 4.

PlayStation3603708d ago (Edited 3708d ago )

is scheduled for release on PC and Xbox360 for sometime in late 08 or 09.

PS3 release has not yet been decided. Although Realtime Worlds has said a PS3 version is strongly considered.

In either case, I'm getting this game. I don't care which system it comes out for... I'm getting it. :)
Gameplay looks fun as hell.

InMyOpinion3708d ago

I'm pretty sure Microsoft is publishing APB, just like they published Crackdown.

When did they say they strongly considered making a PS3 version? That's news to me.

PlayStation3603708d ago (Edited 3708d ago )

but heres one of the links...

Oh and no, Microsoft is not publishing it. Realtime Worlds are publishing it themselves.

But yeah, as for the PS3 version. Looks like a 50-50 shot it could happen. Might happen, might not... remains to be seen. But all in all, I'm still getting it. :P

poopface13707d ago

I was surprised how awesome crackdown was.