Global Weekly Chart For Week Ending June 6th, 2015

VgChartz global weekly chart for week ending on June 6th.

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Cindy-rella1259d ago

Ps4 continues to extend the lead over xbox one globally. The Xbox one overall sales will never be close to the ps4s again. Last gen antics lead to whats going on this generation

StrayaKNT1258d ago (Edited 1258d ago )

You should go back and check metacritic, I think overtime when the consoles just sell more and more the games just magically increase in scores and critic ratings.

So what do people think about splatoon?

AWBrawler1258d ago

Wii U over Xbox One? Hehe looks like Wii U still has a shot at a respectable 2nd

PhoenixUp1258d ago

Wii U was able to beat Xbox One for a week. That hilarious no matter how you spin it. Microsoft has all these deals available while Nintendo just releases a game and wins a week globally.

FallenAngel19841258d ago

Wow Wii U outsold Xbox One thanks to Splatoon. That game is a bonafide system seller.

Metallox1258d ago

Yeah, in Japan, and just for a bunch of weeks, not that impressive.

FallenAngel19841258d ago

No this just happened globally for the week of June 6. Its mighty impressive once you consider all the deals Microsoft is currently giving out for X1.

KingofGambling1258d ago

Nice sales for Witcher 3 on the PS4.

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