Amazon Has Watch Dogs On Sale For Under $15

At 70% off Amazon currently has Watch Dogs selling for $15 or under based on platform.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1022d ago (Edited 1022d ago )

What the hell is this monkey ****ery?
Everything there except for the Digital versions for PC and PS4 are $15 or below, but the Wii U version is $18?!

The devs released it late and, IIRC, didn't even put the last bit of DLC on it.
So why is that version out of the selection more costly?!

For $10 new I might have taken the plunge, but now I'll just be a stubborn ass and wait for a dirt cheap used deal somewhere.

warczar1022d ago

Is not worth more than 10 bucks new, Ubisoft is as crazy as Activision.

wonderfulmonkeyman1022d ago (Edited 1022d ago )

Late, unoptimized, missing content, this isn't worth anywhere near $15, let alone $20.
If it at least had given players the option of purchasing all of its DLC, then I might have agreed with paying around $25 - $30, but with the other issues on top of this?

Let's see if they can make their games worth a full price tag on NX.

Of course, if I'm being honest, even the audacity of that price for a game with as many flaws as this, doesn't surprise me nearly as much as the people downvoting me for not wanting to support this kind of bull.
They might be willing to put up with maltreatment via bad ports to save face and get more support with third parties, but I value my money enough to save it for when the price matches what I'm getting in return.

The Wii U's first year of third party games taught me that I can't blindly trust third parties like so many others do.

Whether others demonize me for it or not, I don't care.
I won't show full support to a third party who releases a third rate port that comes out late, unoptimized, and with content missing that every other version got.

Far as I'm concerned, $10 new is being generous towards this game; if anything, I would feel fully justified if I went looking for a used copy just so none of the money gets kicked down to Ubisoft for it.

gobluesamg1022d ago

That's about what it's worth.

MasterD9191022d ago

I don't know why but I truly have no want to play this game.

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