NX Cannot Be Weaker Than The PS4

Richard Drummond of Gaming Tech United writes:

"The rumor that Nintendo's next console, NX, may not be as powerful as the PlayStation 4 came out recently and while I don't like to dive into rumors, it got me thinking. Let's take a look into why Big N's newest piece of hardware cannot afford to be weaker than its competition in the PS4 and Xbox One."

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Fro_xoxo1110d ago (Edited 1110d ago )

Probably for the sake of third-party support.

It'll be about the same spec in terms of performance.

You have to think about price/performance ratio.


You can't be asking for a beast, and then complain about price.

also, it's what you do with it that counts.

"power" isn't everything when you've got no games to show for it.

NinjaRichParty1110d ago

I'd be ok with a conosle that is around the strength of the PS4, has 1TB of storage, and is easy to develop for (for third parties) and I'd buy it for $399. I think that's a reasonable price. I know that some want some crazy innovation, and it would be cool to see what Nintendo would do, but I think I'd have more fun in the long run if they stuck to a traditional console format.

PC_601110d ago (Edited 1110d ago )

Seeing that the PS4 has already got the equivilent of a low end GPU, ninetendo can easily bring out something more powerful

IamTylerDurden11110d ago

What do u call the xbone gpu then? The xbone gpu is literally in the ballpark of 1/2 as powerful as the PS4's. For a console the PS4 an awesome gpu, but a mediocre cpu.

u4one1110d ago (Edited 1110d ago )

@amTyler... its not half as powerful. if that were true, the xb1's gpu would only be at 0.9x TFLOPs. In reality it runs about 1.4x TFLOPs with the Kinect reserve deactivated (360 gpu does 240 GFLOPS and the Wii U does .3 TFLOPs for comparison).

think about this too.. if it were half as powerful it wouldn't even be able to run 900p at the graphic fidelity it does. 1080p = 1920x1080. 900p = 1600x900. thats not a huge difference in rez and on top of that the xb1 still hits 1080p on some titles. not as often as the ps4, but it still does it.

Loktai1110d ago

@ [...]
IamTylerDurden1 + u4one

Half is an exaggeration but its definitely notably weaker.

Like by a quarter something then? In any case its weaker.

The consoles are "low end" but if you optimize for them knowing just what you're working with and what to expect, close to the metal you can get a bit more out of them. Its only now with mantle and DX12 etc that the PC Is starting to get the same close-to-the-metal performance consoles have always enjoyed.

cannon88001110d ago (Edited 1110d ago )

The ps4's gpu is more in the ballpark of a medium to high end gpu, but nowhere near enthusiast levels.

PhucSeeker1110d ago

And then what ? Sell the system for a bazillion dollars ? Get real! They have to get a good balance between the price and the hardware.

Schawk1110d ago (Edited 1110d ago )

I agree with you there was an expensive part in developing the wiiU and it was the gamepad, loose the gamepad and bring a traditional control, hardware prices have fallen since the development of the PS4 and XBONE, Nintendo can easily make a more powerful console for the same price nowadays.

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Lightning Mr Bubbles1110d ago (Edited 1110d ago )

Well Nintendo has to see themselves as a newbie to the console war and understand they're huge underdogs now. They have to expect to lose at first but battle to slowly start gaining back some market share.

I don't see most people choosing Nintendo as the console to play M rated third party games on. If they make a $399 console trying to do this, they're gonna get killed I think.

Nintendo has to change their imagine, and it's gonna take time and it won't be easy, and it's probably gonna be ruff going at first but they have to start somewhere.

I don't think Nintendo is willing to try that though, I think they're gonna come up with another kiddy gimmick that's half console half handheld or something. So that's why I say, they might as well just get out of making consoles.

Godmars2901110d ago

Would expect that over two years after the release of the PS4 and XB0 that the part to make a system of comparative power would be cheaper.

Xer0_SiN1110d ago

just name the new console. WII Z. we all know itll be gassed right out the gate. LOL.

Zeref1110d ago

Who said it's even a console?

OCEANGROWNKUSH1110d ago (Edited 1110d ago )

Nintendo doesn't compete in the "console wars" anymore, they just do their own thing. Nobody needs another platform for crappy ports of 3rd party games. By the time NX releases most people will already have a ps4/xb1/pc. Nintendo pandering to the vocal minority asking for third party ports that will be better elsewhere would be a waste of time and money. Nintendo needs 3rd party support in the way of something like a Bayonetta 2, where its exclusive to their console. Not a port of the yearly bug-ridden rushed out "aaa" bullshit that plagues the ps4/xb1/pc. Nintendo 1st party games always work on day one, and they don't sell you half a game, and sell you the rest later.

Nintendo is much better off coming in with a cheaper option that people buy as a companion to their ps4/xb1/pc's.

nitus101110d ago

I am pretty sure most people who own a PS4 and/or XB1 have a PC of some sort usually in the order of low to medium performance.

IMHO gamer's should look at what games that they are interested in and what platforms these games are available for before they purchase them.

While the PC is more a general purpose machine many gamer's even though they may have a PC prefer other types of gaming hardware such as consoles, hand-held's, smart phones and tablets.

From personal experience I do agree that Nintendo first party games normally just work however this is assuming you like all Nintendo's first party games which for me is Zelda and Super Metroid so really that does not leave me many games I want to play.

gameboy11110d ago (Edited 1110d ago )

Since when is ps4 more of a joke xbox1 got better graphics then wiiu ? i don't see it sorry yes they have a few multiplat games built on powerful game engines but there not better graphically if they produced games like the presentations we seen that were running on powerful pc hardware and made out to be running on ps4 ect then yes they would be graphically better but there not,remember when WiiU got a crysis build on early devkits and it was 720p native with graphics equal pc at high settings ? isn't it funny that we haven't seen a ps4 game that does this ? and the wiiu got alot more pwerful then the devkits they used to get them results...

Then just look at Zelda the gameplay ect the size of the world and it's looking better on wiiu now,they have a new trailer showing these results but chose not to show at E3 but will show us later in the year so if that Zelda looks alot better I'm inclined to believe the wiiu is easy equal ps4 in raw graphics and that is FINAL.

FastRacingNeo is a game that has been built to show how good graphics can get and Shinen said other studio's could get better results basically its not the wiiu's max and it looks incredible it demolishes that ps4 game Redout...

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Aloy-Boyfriend1110d ago (Edited 1110d ago )

It's all about the games, isn't it? So what would be the response if this turns out to be the opposite? I mean, more powerful than the PS4. Will the Nintendo fans ask Nintendo to not focus on power and make it weaker because it's only about the games? Just excuses!

People who say that are missing the point of having a poweful console. Developers need power in order to improve their games and/or deliver their vision. Let's say Miyamoto has new ideas for a new ip and can't deliver it because of the lack of power? Either cancel the game or just make an outdated piece of shiet like Star fox looks so far. Isn't this also the reason the Wii U has no 3rd party support?

I'm sorry but this will be the beginning of their demise if NX is weaker than the competitors' console. Nintendo's problem is that they think they don't have competition or that they are all alone in this gaming world. Meanwhile, their fans see other games bigger, more promising, and with new stuff and feel like they've outgrown Nintendo and switch consoles. At least that's what I felt with the likes of Uncharted 2, Demon's Souls, Batman AS, and many more VS all the Wii showelware and couple of good games here and there I had.

Make NX stronger or on par with the competitors because all the games they showed at E3, which looked way better than anything you showed and would make the Wii U melt if ported to it, are gonna break your balls, Nintendo with or without NX.

NinjaRichParty1110d ago

I would love to see NIntendo produce a stronger system. Like I say in the piece, seeing a console that could play both Nintendo's great 1st part IP's and the third party titles would be make that machine a huge seller and one I'd pick up at launch.

xPhearR3dx1110d ago

While I agree with you, do you honestly believe if Nintendo made a new console that was just as powerful or (for sake of argument) even more powerful than the PS4, that you'd actually buy third party titles on it over your PS4/Xbone/PC?

I partially believe that's why Nintendo doesn't care much about the power under the hood. Not to mention everyone knows their online capabilities on both the Wii and Wii U are pure garbage. As much as I enjoy my Wii U, the online is trash. No voice chat half the time, and if they do it's low quality. They lack nearly every social aspect of online gaming. Hell, the original Xbox has more online features than Nintendo products.

Considering how big MP is now, I don't see people jumping off their PS4/Xbone/PC to play with people on the next Nintendo console. I mean, imagine buying Star Wars Battlefront on NX. Have fun playing with maybe 500 people. People (like myself) buy Nintendo products for their first party support, not third party.

RPGrinder1110d ago (Edited 1110d ago )

If you look at the Wiis lineup, it had more than a few highest rated games of all time for specific genres. Wii had good games.

Lest us forget over the last 15 years, Nintendo has experienced the highest software sales in the history of the company (of any game company actually). Nintendo has had more fans. Not less. That is just a fact.

BrandanT1110d ago

A few good games covered up by tons of shovelware.

RPGrinder1110d ago

Same can be said about PS3 and X360. A few good games covered up by collections and realistic games that all look and play the same....tHis would be ignorant. Just like what you said. Go check out gamerankings and actually get a clue.

miyamoto1110d ago

Didn't Miyamoto said it learned its lesson from the GameCube and bound to not repeat the same mistake again?
Also their unified software & hardware development clearly leans towards a not so powerful machine.

MSBAUSTX1110d ago

Yes but the gamecube was a gimmicky console as well and people wont admit it. Minidiscs! Really!? No one else on the planet was developing games on those stupid things and because of it this world passed them by and in a year or so the GC suffered for it. No one wanted to develop on Minidiscs they wanted DVDs. So yes Nintendo made a powerful system but tried againt to cash in on a fad that blew up in their face.

The same happened with the tablet gamepad. I love it but they thought it would be novel. Instead everyone and their grandma has a tablet and the controller is very dated with its mediocre touch screen. So yes they need to just make a freaking modern day N64 as far as power, use a normal disc, have Blu Ray playback, better online with voice chat, and third party support.

If they dont do it everyone is moving on. Every forum and thread on any website is filled with people saying what I am saying. These are People who do like Nintendo games but are done with their crap. I am not making this up. If they dont deliver they will burn for it. Mark my words.

ChickeyCantor1110d ago (Edited 1110d ago )

" or just make an outdated piece of shiet like Star fox looks so far."

In its defense, it's rendering the environment twice. Had it not been for the gamepad mechanic it would have been different. Not saying it would be extremely different but I think it would have had better shaders and higher poly count.

" 'm sorry but this will be the beginning of their demise if NX is weaker than the competitors' "

Said so many times and they still here. Put the tin foil hats away.

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KindaGrump1110d ago

I sure hope so. I don't want to see another under powered console from them. I want all three companies to be at their best and if Nintendo can put out a new, stronger console, it'll push the other two companies to improve their product as well.

I enjoy Nintendo's titles, but I'm not gonna buy a machine to just play their games. I can't justify the money or the shelf space.

NinjaRichParty1110d ago

Honestly, that's why I got rid of my Wii U. I couldn't have it around to just play the first party titles. It was taking up room and I found a home for it where it'll get good use.

I just want that powerful Nintendo console so bad. One that can run multi-plats well and still kick ass when it comes to the first party games. That would be one hell of a console if ya ask me.

joeorc1110d ago


While what you say is quite true, its just the main target for Nintendo systems has always had a low price entry point for a Nintendo system, where I think Microsoft's and Sony's systems are seen in a higher entry price point for the new systems they release.

I think it has more to do with, the Nintendo consumer's willing to pay a higher price for the newest living room console by Nintendo, seems to have a much harder time than Sony and Microsoft.

But the Fusion system Rumor may Infact be true. If say Nintendo goes with a Arm Holdings Cortex A53, or even a Cortex A72 it would result in high performance/watt but be a lower entry point.

The fact the new Arm Cortex A53 and A72 not only contain Big little designs, but legacy 3DS software could run native right along side the new NX software, pair it with a WiiU Soc. And you will pretty much have a completely BC system with Quite the oomph, and lower cost entry point.

If Nintendo does indeed go this route, it would cover all their base's needed.

With Unity 3D 5.1 support, right along with Unreal, these new mobile SOC's may Infact be a solid choice for Nintendo's price entry point barrier that Nintendo has been dealing with.

Sm00thop1110d ago

I would think Nintendo need to really focus on the online and social side of things, MS and Sony have got their systems fully fleshed out with great features and apps. I really want Nintendo to do well, but they have to approach the situation in the right way, just power alone isn't going to cut it IMO.

NinjaRichParty1110d ago

Oh that's 100% true. I'm not trying to say power is the only thing that matters. I'm just saying that power can make it easier for third parties to develop for and give Nintendo even more resources to use when making their 1st party games.

I'm curious to see what the new Nintendo online service will be when this system launches. Hopefully we at least get things like voice chat and party systems.

Sm00thop1110d ago

Having decent power is definitely essential for developers, that's something that Nintendo should be aiming for. Like you say, it would be nice to have all the other features that both MS and Sony have to. I think it's trickier for Nintendo to strike a good balance between the younger and more mature audience, its got an identity problem at the moment.

Genova841110d ago

I thought it wasn't a legit "console" and some new concept. Giving the trend in Japan lately, I'd bank on a weak hybrid console/handheld system. I can't see ot being more powerful than ps4. As for 3rd party support, Konami could be a big player, since after all, "mobile is [their] future."

N4g_null1110d ago

I could see a wiiu with a gamepad attachment that changes the gamepad into a new 3ds when not playing on the wiiu. AR glasses like hololen for the second screen with less functionality. Then a stand alone of that set up. then they are free to make a super powerful console just for people who want it. stacked ram, super powerful... hell release it as a kit, the nintendo power kit. Let the gamers decide. build their dream console.

You keep your current install base, wiiu and 3ds. Expand the likeability of the game pad. Then release a super console just to get the pc enthusiast back along with the developers. Make it a hybrid pc and console flesh out your online social service and hand that over to dena. Now you have phones and consoles as your social part of gaming. Make a phone app to run your voice chats thur. Use the already established phone network instead of wasting bandwidht on your server. intergrate it into your system also as an accessory to your account system.

Every one is happy. wiiu owners are happy, nx potientials are happy, social gamers are happy. then release a unreal 4 mario like this youtube vid. Then go to bank. Sounds like a great day.