Lesbian in The Precursors game?

When many people think about the personification of the 'traditional' lesbian, it comes with it connotations of a certain appearance: chunky shoes, short hair, plain colored clothing, jeans / combats and a non overly made-up face.

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LastDance3676d ago

check out those lesbo's!!!

Bombibomb3676d ago

I'm pretty sure they're bisexual so I'll take the one on the left.

SlaughterMeister3674d ago

Too bad, I'm taking her.


Skerj3675d ago

1. Let's see how many degrees this gets today, I'm guessing a ton.
2. Not sure how they came to the lesbian conclusion on the screenshot.

Megatron083674d ago

If you read the article it tells you. However I think its a pretty big stretch but whatever

Skerj3674d ago

Yes I read the article, their explanation is because it ticks a few "traditional" stereotypical boxes. Well I personally know a dozen females who walk around like that and only one of them is bisexual. That site is reaching.

titntin3675d ago

Please - help to keep this rubbish off the site and keep this place for news about games.

If you care about submissions on this site please report this trash:

Lame: (0 minutes ago)
..and offensive too.A girl character is a lesbian because she wears chunky shoes and has short hair?
We shouldn't allow such tripe on N4G - its pathetic and its not news.

TheSilentZero3675d ago

I reported this article when it was still in the submission phase, and this is not news, people come here for gaming not this crap.

Megatron083674d ago

if you 2 were smart enough to know how to read you know that its actually about a game despite the title of the topic

TheSilentZero3674d ago

Yes, I am afraid I cannot read.
Look at the big picture, kids are on this site, there is no reason we need to have this article. I have nothing against the homosexual community, but was the picture really needed? It is just in bad taste, especially with the younger generation.

Kirstenlottesovs3675d ago

gamergirls, feministgamers, gaygamers, and now lesbiangamers...? WTF!
why not just call a shovel what it is: A shovel! nope, its not a feminist shovel, a lesbian shovel or anything else.. its JUST A SHOVEL!

LJWooly3675d ago

I assume this is meant to be a funny article... it fails oh so hard.

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The story is too old to be commented.