The Witcher 3 1.07 Alternate Response Mode Detailed; There Won’t Be a 1.06 Update on PS4/Xbox One

In the preliminary changelog for patch 1.7 of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Community Coordinator Marcin Momot mentioned a “a new, alternative (optional) movement response mode for Geralt.”

Of course that caused many to wonder on what it is really about. Momot gave further information today, also explaining that the discrepancy in patch numbers between platforms will be removed.

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Xavior_Reigns1257d ago

Taking a cue from MS? They did skip Windows 9 after all or maybe we were all taught incorrectly...

Grap1257d ago

You do realize they lose money everytime they upload a patch on console, i don't blame them for merging 2 patches in one for the console versions.

Xavior_Reigns1257d ago

Obviously the joke (a lame one that) flew over some people's heads...
Guess "/s" really is needed.

Not trolling or such and I'm aware of the losses patches require.

BlackWolf121257d ago

No, you're missing the point. 1.06 on consoles and 1.07 on PC were the exact same update, but with different names.

Zero1091257d ago

Most devs don't put so much time and detail into patches after a game is released. CDPR really deserve all the credit they put into their games and I hope more devs (and publishers) follow suit.

Abriael1257d ago

Yeah. I'm a bit surprised to read a lot of comments in which people say that everything should have been there from the start, now they're done with the game, so it doesn't matter.

For me it matters. The original release had a tremendous amount of content. It's only great that developers care enough to keep polishing the game to diamond state.

Zero1091257d ago

Most of this patch is improving on complaints.
The game was already "massive".
Actual interesting and non-tedious side quest (I'm doing almost every single one... I'm way too overpowered for the main missions ;)
They give out free DLC.

You can tell they're gamers just as much as they are devs. I bought the game on GOG instead of steam just so they could get my full support!

samchez771256d ago

Same here Zero109. I have clocked almost 120hrs and still yet to get to Skellege. I refuse to advance too far into the story before exploring everything else there is on offer. I am currently LVL20, while main quests are LVL12 lol.

Baka-akaB1257d ago (Edited 1257d ago )

Screw them , if they can't enjoy going through alternative plays and choices , then they dont deserve it . Their loss

Paulino301257d ago

They have no choice is they want to keep selling games lol. In most cases like mines the game was unplayable. I'm 60 hours in (playing through crashes & stuttering). Now I Haven't played in 3 weeks because of the constant crashing every 30- 40 minutes. Really hoping this patch fixes those issues. fyi playing on pc.

KiwiViper851257d ago

Ye definitely would've guessed you were talking about PC

Grap1257d ago (Edited 1257d ago )

Check you system.. cause it's definitely in your end not the game. Cause this game is one of the best optimized game i have ever played in the past 5 years.

starchild1257d ago

Runs extremely well on my PC and I've never had a single crash.

Baka-akaB1257d ago

They don't really , CD projekt always patch and add stuff to a level unheard of , except from select few devs like Blizzard (and that was more true in the past) , Valve etc , a handful truly

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AstroCyborg1257d ago

i'd rather sevs not & just focus on a game releasing thats not broken like the witcher

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FoxyGotGame1257d ago

Great work CDPR. The scope & sheer size of this game is astonishing. Tremendous achievement! ...170+ Hrs in and I'm completely invested.

Julion07151257d ago

I'm glad gamers will invest and show love to devs who put in OT to make their game the best version as possible kudos to CD hope more developers follow suit

Paulino301257d ago


Ps4 had terrible frame rate issues when fighting or a lot of characters on screen

Xboxone had bugs where you did not earn any xp on missions and save file bug.

So what are you talking about.


It's not my system game worked fine until patch 1.03 released. The more I progres through the story the more glitches occurred. I have an fx-8350, 2x sapphire r9 280x and 8gb of ram game runs high to ultra settings with nvidia settings on geralt only.

If the game was so optimized, why are there 7 patches? Don't be a fan boy. Just go on the message boards and see how many prepare having issues still.

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