The Witcher 3 x Splatoon - Real Games-As-A-Service

If you’ve followed this industry’s buzzword-infused gibberish for a while, you’ll like have heard of the term, “Games-as-a-service.” It’s about turning games from one-time purchases into ongoing experiences, usually with an injection of microtransactions or DLC.

It’s also totally dishonest, justifying all manner of shoddy business practices, broken launches, and con jobs.

Recently, two games came out that represent the ideal of the “service” a lot more than any product to have actively claimed the term. Let’s examine what they do, and why they humiliate the industry! Oh my Gods!

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gameboy11226d ago

I agree these 2 games are doing dlc right,but Mariokart8 and Hyrule Warriors have done this too...and a few more on wiiu.