Valve´s refund policy works as a quality control bouncer

When Valve launched their new refund policy rule back in June, no one quite knew how well (or bad) it will work (devs and consumers alike). Now we know better. As Valve´s refund policy works as a quality control bouncer of sorts, just take the case with Warner Bros Batman: Arkham Knight, the consumers asked for a full refund due to the broken nature of the game (bugs and performance issues).

So this is my (Robin Ek The Gaming Ground) take on Valve´s refund policy as a whole, and how well it works in terms of being a quality control measurement tool on Steam. I also speculate about what would happen if other Internet-based digital distribution platforms (PSN, XBL ect.) creates a similar refund policy.

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Zero1091203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

What's sad is that this needed in the 1st place. Devs and publishers focus should be quality above all else. If steam refunds/MS or Sony refund system was in place when Halo MMC/AC Unity/Street Fighter/Mortal Kombat/Battlefield/Driveclub or any other broken game came out, they'd be more inclined to deliver on a quality product.

Being scared that your game can now be refunded in an instant shouldn't force them to make quality games, they should want that on their own (and for their costumers).

Note: Pre-ordering didn't help at all either tbh.