Yoshida Tried Out The Nintendo PlayStation Back In 1993

Last week, the internet exploded with a rumor that a Nintendo Playstation console prototype that only had 200 produced and after the break up of the collaboration between Sony and Nintendo, the prototypes were supposed to be destroyed. Someone didn’t and a Reddit user have posted pics of the console and it seems Yoshida tried it out for himself back then.

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Mostafeto888d ago

I bet it was an awesome console but Yeshiva should start spilling out some secret info that he knows

FallenAngel1984888d ago

Its ironic that Sony used to publish games on SEGA hardware, only for a decade later for SEGA to publish games on Sony hardware

Mostafeto888d ago

That's the irony of the gaming development and at the same time, it's the team at Sony who advanced and adapted their thoughts according to the market changes and reacted accordingly

miyamoto887d ago

And after the Sega/Mega CD drive made by Sony...Sega of America and Sony of America brought a proposal to Sega of Japan to make a joint 32 bit console project only to be turned down.

FallenAngel1984887d ago

Sony didn't create the SEGA CD.

Relientk77888d ago

Whaaaat, Yoshida I'm jealous

Mostafeto888d ago

We all are buddy but he has an awesome gaming life we all want

nucky64888d ago (Edited 888d ago )

Nintendo backing out of that deal was the biggest mistake the big N ever made (well, that and virtual boy) sure worked out well for gamers, though.

Mostafeto888d ago

Nintendo's team wasn't smart back then as they focused on the present and didn't see how this will benefit them in the future. Imagine if it had continued, we would have seen a whole other gaming world than this we live in now. There would have been Playstation Boy, PS 3DS and they might have even combined names to make one company called Sontendo. What a strange world that would have been. You know what I am happy like this :D

FarEastOrient887d ago

Remember this is the same Nintendo mindset that said the west wasn't capable of making great games.

Mr_Writer85887d ago

I do believe the "deal" heavily favored Sony, so Nintendo would not of gained an awful lot from the deal.

Of course in hindsight you could say they didn't massively benefit from not doing it either, but back then if you work for Nintendo and you were going into a deal which someone else made money then you despite it being mostly your product.

You wouldn't agree to it.

Shinox887d ago (Edited 887d ago )

I guess that we call "Karma's is a b****" , look what happen to them now
Nintendo was ridiculously arrogant and selfish at that time to collab with companies

UNKLE887d ago

i hope sony will buy nintendo someday...

MegaRay887d ago

Sony cant afford them lol.

Lemme guess, THATS the joke?

Mostafeto887d ago

Sony can afford buying them but what's the point of buying them in the first place? If they were actual competitors then yea I understand and it would be a great business move but with Nintendo's position in the market, they're not that important

Vegamyster887d ago (Edited 887d ago )


I don't know about now but last year Nintendo was valued higher than Sony, i just don't see it happening.

uth11887d ago

Buying Nintendo would be worth it for the IPs

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