Star Wars: Battlefront: A Straight-Up Destiny Clone In The Making?

Is Star Wars : Battlefront propelling itself to essentially become a more visually appealing version of Destiny?

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warrior82888d ago

similar yet different..Star Wars draws from the universe of an established movie franchise which would appeal to non-gamers who are fans of the franchise. Destiny always seems more of an MMO Halo to me.

venom06887d ago

How did this article even make it on What a ignorant comparison..

Thunder_G0d_Bane887d ago

Most ridiculous comparison to date.

@Septic loool that gif is perfect for this.

starchild887d ago

I don't get the comparison. Star Wars Battlefront looks very similar to the older Battlefront games, just brought into the modern era with tweaks to the gameplay and vastly better graphics.

dreadz74888d ago

Not really more like battlefield... Can't wait looks beautiful and Darth Vader duh !!!

Irishguy95888d ago

Absolutely terrible yes. THey look nothing alike. The new SW BF looks like the old battlefronts mixed with battlefield mixed with something new.

Vermigs888d ago

I feel like the author didn't play the first two Battlefront games.

Zeref887d ago

I swear when i see one of the authors that post stupid shit on this site imma throw a rock at them.

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The story is too old to be commented.