Warner Bros. on games only succeeding in fourth quarter: It's 'just not true'

In the gaming industry these days, games are released primarily during the fourth quarter of each year. Sure, there are a slew of games that are spread out during the first eight months of the year or so, but the majority of AAA games launched during each year release during the September, October and November months.

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pompombrum1228d ago

Yeah I don't understand the mentality of releasing everything in the fourth quarter either. I've still yet to play a fair few games from last year like Assassin's Creed Unity, Far Cry 4, Evil Within.. I just didn't have time to play them all amongst other things taking my attention that they never stood a chance of getting a look in. If any of those three games released around June - August, they'd have been day one buys for me.

RocketScienceLvlStuf1228d ago

I think it's a lesson Microsoft have to learn.

Outthink_The_Room1228d ago

Seriously? I have yet to understand how every company gets a pass on this but Microsoft is the culprit in this scenario.

Warner Bros. was SUPPOSED to ship this game LAST the Holiday. And then it got delayed.

Now suddenly, they are talking about how they can sell at different times of the year and can be successful. Why didn't WB say this last year when they were gearing up for Batman's release?

- 1886 was SUPPOSED to come out last October. Then got delayed.

- Witcher 3 was SUPPOSED to come out last Holiday. Then got delayed.

- Battlefield: Hardline was SUPPOSED to come out last Holiday. Then got delayed.

- UC4 was SUPPOSED to come out this Holiday. Then got delayed.

- The Division was SUPPOSED to come out this Holiday. Then got delayed.

- Quantum Break was SUPPOSED to come out this Holiday. Then got delayed.

This notion that companies aren't all trying to hit that Holiday time is nonsense. Sony, MS, WB, EA, Ubisoft...etc are all trying to go for the Holiday time-frame and not always hitting it.

And then people say, "Thank god they're releasing in the first half of the year..." Meanwhile they were targeting Holiday and list wars get brought up.

mhunterjr1228d ago (Edited 1228d ago )

I think MS did learn it. That's why they have big titles releasing this holiday, as well as titles releasing throughout 2016, which we'll learn more about at Gamescom.

I think it's a better strategy than having nothing AAA for the Holiday, then sprinkling things throughout the off months...

pompombrum1228d ago

Releasing Gears of War Ultimate at the end of August is them learning the lesson imho. Would have been nicer to have it a few weeks before MGS 5 drops I guess but ultimately it's a step in the right direction.

jackanderson19851228d ago

it's closer to christmas, casual gamers are where the money is so a game that's released january-august won't be as fresh in the minds of casuals who will buy in bulk in the 3 months at the end of the year

it'd be foolish to release a game like CoD in january, then advertise it heavily throughout the year to make sure sales stay the same as they usually would with a november release

spacedelete1228d ago

if it wasn't for the massive summer drought of 2014 i wouldn't have brought that turd Watchdogs so they are right. not every gamer is out in the sun. these companies that all release at the end of the year are leaving alot of money on the table.

Sir_Simba1228d ago

I almost forgot, we almost at the time when only the last 3 months of the year matters.

I dont think the notion is that games dont succeed unless they release in the fourth quater of the year, the games are jsut overlooked for awards and stuff because they feel old now and the new thing is fresh in our minds.

hades071228d ago

In terms of awards I dont think that will be the case this year with both The Witcher and Batman releasing in the summer months.

MasterCornholio1228d ago

As a gamer having too many releases in a short period of time can be a bad thing for me. Basically I can't play so many titles at once so I limit my purchases. Eventually I'll pick up the games that I missed out on at a reduced price.

I know that doesn't sound bad but wanting to play so many games at once and not being able to is killer for me.

Not to mention developers suffer because I don't normally pay full price for a game that's several months old. Not to mention if I can buy it used at a good price.

hades071228d ago

Totally agree. I am still yet to play Forza Horizon 2 because it came out the same time as many other games and I played Halo MCC first, then came along The Witcher (which I am still not done) and Batman taking up the next month or two.

showtimefolks1228d ago

Publishers will never learn than blame gamers for not buying every game. It's common sense why haven't the publishers figured this out is beyond me

Mad max would sell huge if release in mid July to early august. Because not a lot of games to play

Same goes for just cause 3

Yakuza 5

Microsoft imo are the worst at it. They don't even try to release any games for 8 to 9 months out of the year, than release 2 or 3 big AAA titles and people say ms delivered

avoid June because of e3
early august

If a publisher doesn't want to compete with big games than these are the best months to release and sell your games

Didn't mass effect series coming out in q1 of release year

God of war same

mhunterjr1228d ago

To be fair, the only reason the other companies have had releases outside of the holiday window was because of delays in development. It wasn't due to some grand plan to spread things out.

jackanderson19851228d ago (Edited 1228d ago )

original mass effect was a november release date

mass effect 3 however was a march release... sold 1.5 mil that month... which is bad considering the size of the install base at that time and the fact it had a decent fanbase

God of War was also a march release... sold about 4mil... pretty poor considering the instal base(around 100ish million consoles), great for a new IP though

games that release towards the holiday periods are aimed at the casuals who'll see the ads, the "new releases" in the stores and the various bundles

games like bloodborne, batman, witcher... they won't get the same exposure

showtimefolks1228d ago

Did you Just say batman won't get the same exposure. But I agree with everything you said. Marketing is always for casuals

But god of war sold well along the lines of other god of war games. Mass effect 3 did well for first few months than nothing much

jackanderson19851228d ago

@showtime i meant in October/November/December... you'll be seeing Halo, CoD, Tomb Raider, Battlefront posters, game stands, adverts

if there's similar batman items (big banners, stands or adverts) around that time i'd be truely shocked

it definitely got it now around it's launch window

mhunterjr1228d ago

Publishers can be idiotic sometimes... The reason games don't sell outside of the holiday window is because they choose not to release games outside of the holiday window...

In the event a game does come out in the spring or summer, it's because it was delayed or simply not good enough to compete with the holiday titles...

Then you get games like GTA or Witcher or Batman that PROVE games can be successful at anytime of they are good and publishers ignore it...

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