Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Achievements List

Jack Felling, developer and producer of Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, has released the full list of achievements that will be in this game.

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Sureshot1253d ago

"Seriously". Seriously?

holysmokesbatman1252d ago

Day 1, but I'm not even going to think about grinding 'seriously' again, no way!

otherZinc1252d ago

Day 1! Also, there'll be 5 new Chapters.
Won't have enough time for the Seriously Achievement. Forza Motorsport 6 & Halo 5 are going to get in the way of that.

jannytime1252d ago

That achievement was pretty glitched back in the day. I got it at around 8800 kills, worth it though.
Anyone know what that CQC achievement is about?

Eldyraen1252d ago

It says in "boxes" so must be a new mode?

CQC I usually think of as close quarter combat so maybe it is made for pure blooded Gnasher fans and don't have power weapons to get in the way (I'd play it quite a bit for kicks--I always preferred Gnasher/pistol myself and let others go for big guns 90% of the time). It could always be something else but with a name like boxes and cqc it has to be up close and personal.

EvilWay1252d ago

It wasn't glitched at all. Anytime you quit a ranked match you were deducted 2 kills, not many people know this

MSpence5161252d ago


No way this is true. I hardly ever quit any games because I played mostly with friends on their host and didn't unlock it until around 11,500. Plus this doesn't explain how some people unlocked it early.

hades071253d ago

Cannot wait for this game. Havent played much multiplayer on Xbox lately other than Halo so this will be a welcome diversion.

r3f1cul1252d ago

i got seriously the first go around on gears 1... and all the other achs as well ... not sure if im down for that grind again truthfully :/ not much of a mp guy nowadays

spicelicka1252d ago (Edited 1252d ago )

Seriously achievement was the craziest one ever. I watched my cousin work towards getting it, the guy literally played night after night for months.

That gamerpic is still cool though.

Can't wait for this game.

Khajiit861252d ago

Cant wait to see it on my 970.

Rookie_Monster1252d ago

4k, cross play , and DX12 ...cant wait!

BtW, any news on when the PC version is going to be released?

Khajiit861252d ago

My guess is same day as X1

Rookie_Monster1252d ago (Edited 1252d ago )

"My guess is same day as X1"

I don't think so. When I try to pre-order the game from Amazon to Gamestop, only the XB1 version with its Aug 25 release date shows up. There is nothing regarding the PC version.

Add to that, this is what I got from post E3 when the PC version was announced.
vg247: The PC version of Gears of War: Ultimate Edition has not been dated, but it hits Xbox One in August.

Fergusson said he had “nothing to announce yet” regarding more Gears of War games on PC.

Hope it is not a long delay as I am so looking forward to DX12 support for Gears on my PC.

SIMOIKIE1252d ago

I have 78000+ kills in Gears 1 ranked mp. 10000 is cake.

JeffGUNZ1252d ago

It would have been cool if the kills in ranked transferred over to this game.