'Guitar Hero' and 'Rock Band' aren't child's play | [email protected]

Brittany Vincent of [email protected] writes:

"Guitar Hero and rhythm games that incorporate plastic instruments, like the other thousands of video games out on the market, make people happy. They were designed to make people happy. So why are they still viewed as “toys for babies?”

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mastershredder1023d ago

Because they look like a preschooler's toy. Press the button, cow go moooooo. Also, playing on a pretend instrument, might have something to do with it.

There were a few attempts to cross this gap, but it's just so much easier to take lessons and learn for realizes.

BTW, watching people up on a music stage at E3 jamming to Guitar Hero (like some kind of live metal cover band) SHOULD be more embarrassing to those performing the act rather than those watching it.

LAWSON721023d ago

Let people have their fun, putting them down for what they enjoy is something a child would do.

mastershredder1023d ago

Who's keeping them from their fun? Getting upset about is something a child would do. ;P

LAWSON721023d ago

I am by no means upset, just stating what I think is childish

Sentionaut1022d ago

I see you're an iOS developer. You should know then, better than anyone, that all games (and apps, for that matter) work via the same model: Press the button, and X happens. By that logic, I guess everything's a preschooler's toy.

mastershredder1022d ago

That's a kind of creepy way to start a convo. By that logic? I'm talking real musical instruments and you are talking VERY limited means of control in a cheap plastic housing. I even referred to peripherals that tried bridged the gap (to help people learn etc). You are making assumptions.

I guess if you are into basic programming, yeah press the button and X happens. I work on commercial applications as well as games not limited to iOS. I'm pretty sure I'm allowed to have an opinion and my opinion is that Guitar Hero needs to do more to help people actually learn something about music. Hence: press button cow go moo.

Sentionaut1022d ago (Edited 1022d ago )

It's creepy that I looked at your profile where you included that information and decided to mention it in my response? I'm not sure why that could be taken as creepy given the fact that you've chosen to publicly state that information here on N4G. Also, no one's telling you that you can't have an opinion. Not sure where you pulled that one from.

Sure, you mentioned attempts at bridging the gap but you didn't bother to elaborate. Which ones do you think "failed" and why? What's wrong with Rocksmith? Through personal use I've found it to be a viable and useful alternative to the educational methods listed in the article.

In addition, that "very limited means of control in a cheap plastic housing" is all some people have or want to have time for. If your opinion is that Guitar Hero and Rock Band should do more to help people learn, I can get behind that, but your original comment didn't exactly communicate that. It sounded much more like someone pointing at anyone who wants to simply enjoy a game (perhaps they don't WANT to learn how to play guitar?) and ridiculing them because they want to enjoy it.

You really come off so condescending in your replies that your viewpoint (which I can get behind) is obscured. And "basic programming" is the building block of advanced programming, so regardless of what level you're working at you're still creating functions that respond in a certain manner to stimuli.

Regardless, I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment.

T2X1023d ago

Yeah, I enjoy it myself from time to time. Who cares what anyone thinks? I wouldn't sit there and tell some guy who plays the real guitar that even though he can cover a song relatively well, that he'll never be a rock star. Funny enough, most people who really play in a band never really "get" anywhere with it. SO, in this respect they're no better than someone playing rock band in their parlor LOL! BTW, "Cow go mooo..." You're being a bit insulting and then trying to backpedal because you are probably a mediocre at best guitarist ;P Oh, and see I can put that stupid little wink, tongue sticking out face thing at the end that signifies a backpedal ;P. See! I did it again!

mastershredder1023d ago

I'm just gonna have to backpedal again. ;P