My Wii News Triforce: What we want to see in the next Zelda game

A few writers have a roundtable chat about what they would like to see in the next Zelda game. One wants another Twilight Princess, another relives the NES days and wants a classic Link adventure.

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ape0073710d ago

darker link

next gen graphics

motion plus control

StephanieBBB3709d ago

Yeah!!!!!! And High defen... no wait....

Smacktard3709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )


Motion plus sword controls

Good, unlike Twilight Princess.

ChickeyCantor3709d ago

First person...
IF that happens, i'm not sure if i want to play it...

Smacktard3709d ago

Why not? It would be a perfect opportunity to make use of the Motion Plus controls, and would be a refreshing change from the boring 3-d person view seen in Twilight Borefest.

spooky2053708d ago

just like the first person view ruined the metroid series? no thanks. if zelda becomes first person nintendo can kiss my money goodbye because zelda is the only reason i even buy their systems anymore.

IQUITN4G3709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )

I adore Nintendo, lets face it nobody does it better.

What i'd like to see in another Zelda:

A challenge

Proper sword wielding mechanics now we have motion plus

Less guiding me by the hand to the point where you are being told "it's over here" ,"now over here" , "out of this dungeon and now straight into this one" like in Twilight - that was bolax and quite the betrayal to the structure

Midna(wow she was great)

Same amount of dungeons or more than Twilight

Let me truly get stuck once in a while outside of dungeons

Quirky yet not over the top Japanese characters like only Nintendo know how

Harder bosses surely wouldn't be too much to expect - we're not babies

I loved Twilight but it was so insultingly easy regarding the action parts and i yearn for those pull my hair out moments between dungeons like in Ocarina.

Harder bosses surely wouldn't be too much to expect

Zelda games are beautiful but they're getting too easy for them to be satisfying

Fingers crossed but i think Nintendo if anything will make this even less hardcore

And harder bosses surely wouldn't be too much to expect

ChickeyCantor3709d ago

Sword and shield wielding with M+.
And make it harder.

StephanieBBB3709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )

That sounds nice, lot's of blood would be a great addition!

This is just of the top of my mind.

The legendary tales of Zelda: Dark Legends


At the beginning Link is very old and lives hidden in hokari forest because Ganondorf owns all of Hyrule. One day Ganondorf shows up with his army and kills Link. But to our fotune magic sprites turns up and carries Links body to a pool of magic. They throw Links body in to the pool and after that he wakes up as a teenager in the past. At this time Hyrule castle is in danger of being invaded by Ganondorf and his "Hog army" (hogs wielding armor and swords and such). For Link to save Hyrule he needs to first kill off four hog generals in different places that leads this army and then face Ganondorf himself. Whole thing would take around 20 hours to finish.


RPG with slash em up style (lots of blood). Exp gained after every achievement done and enemy killed for a maximum lvl of 100. Better combos and attacks gets learned after every fifth level. Summoning and enchanting gets learned through out of the game too at varius stages. The same with new items like in every Zelda game. You can complete the game without getting to lvl 100. (It's suppose to be a side achievement).


Link will travel back in time additionaly to play as young link and at this point starting as lvl 1 again. So you have to both lvl up Young link and normal link to lvl 100 for 100% completion. Ordinary Link and Young Link has two different playstyles of abilities and magic that comes with lvling up one being more brutal and the other more playful.

Magic, Enchanting and Summoning.

Magic is the typical Fire,Ice,Lightning with leveling them up as you use them. Fire/ice/lightning lvl 3 is the highest possible. Enchanting is making your sword/shield have additional effect like setting fire to objects with your enchanted sword or freezing attackers with your enchanted shield. Summoning replaces the Ocarina which makes your horse appear up from the ground or a hawk/eagle appearing in your hands to hover down from ledges. You can also summon other animals/monsters to help you in battle for tanking/healing/what ever.

Enough for a great game?

moses3709d ago

noooo, no rpg leveling, that would ruin the zelda series. The strength Zelda has is that it's so unlike any other game. Also, I wish they would go back to the more western themes of Ocarina of Time, compared to the more eastern Twilight Princess (Link looked like an anime chick -_-).

ChickeyCantor3709d ago

You do realize that if they add RPG elements, you could beat the game at level 3? XD

Zelda is great as it is, the only problem is that Miyamoto want everyone to enjoy it so while the games are great, they are EASY.
However i am a hardcore Zelda gamer, so i almost know his logic by now...Whish he made it lots harder..the bosses are easy.

I hope Miyamoto adds downloadble content, i dont mind playing extra puzzles and such.

OOT...if that game was made on the GCN the character would look like the one in TP.
HE looks less girlish because of the fewer polygons in OOT. XD
I mean Link has an actually mouth now.

moses3709d ago

After reading Steph's full post, it sounds like a new Final Fantasy game rather than a Zelda game, lol.

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Odiah3709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )

I want:

Better graphics. Wii can produce suprisingly better graphics than gamecube.

Better sword controls. Waggle doesn't equal more immersive gameplay.

Difficulty settings. Twilight was lengthy, but unchallenging.

A suprising and involving storyline.

A Hyrule at war, not some dumb five beasts riding a hog around.

FULLY orchestrated music.

Also, the idea of implementing level ups is retarded.

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