The ‘Arkham Knight’ Batmobile is pretty great…Mostly

As it turns out, Arkham Knight is almost completely about the Batmobile, to the point that it makes you wonder how Batman has ever been able to get anything done without it prior to Arkham Knight. By the end of the game, I was half expecting Bruce to not be able to reach a high shelf in his kitchen without his trusty metal steed.

For the most part, Arkham Knight helps the trilogy avoid utter failure. While the game isn't perfect, it does enough well to be just as engaging and intriguing as the previous two Arkham titles. I think that if Arkham Knight didn't feature the Batmobile, it would feel too similar to Arkham City and leave a stale taste in the mouth of fans.

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Canthar1254d ago

It mostly comes out at night.....mostly....

EyePawd1254d ago

That was on my mind when I wrote the headline. :)

SmielmaN1254d ago

The batmobile works much better after the last patch. When this launched the steering was just way too loose and it made it hard to keep control of. Now with just a bit tighter controls you can really fly throughout the city. Much better.

Scatpants1254d ago

I kind of like the tank parts. It reminds me of the tanks in that old Ghost in the Shell game. I wouldn't mind a multiplayer tank game like this. I gues you couldn't have the lines showing where you're about to get shot from so it wouldn't work as well.