PS4 Exclusive The London Heist Gets New High Resolution Screenshots Showing a Car Chase on Morpheus

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe sent in today a new batch of screenshots of The London Heist, the upcoming virtual reality game for Project Morpheus developed by SCE London Studio.

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Angeljuice963d ago (Edited 963d ago )

The Getaway is here at last! (Kind Of).

Rimeskeem963d ago

Sony actually calls it the Getaway

abstractel963d ago (Edited 963d ago )

Pretty darn good graphics for 60fps (+ their custom interpolation to get it to 120fps which all Morpheus games run on). I'm afraid if I have money I'll end up buy both Rift and Morpheus... unless Morpheus gets PC support and the PC games support it...

There are videos out there today too.

Nick_The_Slick963d ago (Edited 963d ago )

Am I the only one that looked at these screens and though "Ew..."?

Ok, I get the graphics have to take a nosedive due to VR, but COME ON...this looks like it runs on a PS2... The textures are flat and low-res, there's no detail to ANYTHING...the lighting is very basic. Look at the wheels of the SUV! THIS is VR?? No thanks in that case.

reallyNow963d ago

Have you ever played a game called battlefield 4? the vehicle interiors in multiplayer arent any better, and ive never had a problem with immersion. it looks fine.

UltraNova962d ago

Nick since you're so...slick, please remind me when did Sony say or promised top notch visuals on Morpheus?

Isn't frame rate and limited ghosting the whole point for VR to succeed, at least on console level?

And finally, since when are resolution and graphics in general so important?

Nick_The_Slick962d ago (Edited 962d ago )

Really now - bf3 on the 360/ps3 looks better than this, never mind bf4 on the new consoles..

Ultranova -'s important that my VR world actually looks realistic and not like an early 2000's arcade game, since the immersion depends on it

UltraNova962d ago

Ok Nick then you need to save about $2000 and get yourself a beast PC and an Occulus Rift cause Morpheus is too 'unrealistic' for you, obviously.

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Ripsta7th963d ago ShowReplies(4)
uth11963d ago

Is this going to be a full game? I thought it was just a demo

Rimeskeem963d ago

I think it is a full launch game

MasterCornholio963d ago



It looks pretty cool.

IamTylerDurden1963d ago

It was a demo, and IS going to be a full game likely to be a Morpheus launch title and system seller.

A VR FPS version of a Guy Ritchie flick, basically Snatch in VR, i'm all in.

Game looks even better in motion. I want this, day1 for me.

IIFloodyII963d ago (Edited 963d ago )

Might be a collection VR games/Demos. I know the studio have a few in development.

SquidBuck963d ago

It's vr, you're not going to see the character's whole body. Just like most fps games.

Cupid_Viper_3963d ago

We play FPS games as guns... How is this much different?

SuperbVillain963d ago

oh i see i didnt know it was VR

ABizzel1963d ago

That's the only thing bothering me, at least show the arm, that floating hand is just weird to me lol.

MasterCornholio963d ago

Well its not like we haven't seen dismembered hands before.

Immorals963d ago

Seen enough glitches in games to be used to it!

ABizzel1963d ago


lol, and that was weird as well XD.

UnHoly_One963d ago

It looks like it is just an empty glove, actually. :D

NinjaRichParty963d ago

Hell yeah. I'm down for this. As a big fan of PayDay, a getaway type of game like this looks awesome.

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