Japan: Nintendo Dominates the Top 1,000 Best-Selling Games of 2014

"Media Create has released its list of the top 1,000 best-selling titles of 2014, and Nintendo had an excellent showing on the list. Out of all the games sold on the list, more than 54% of the games were sold on the 3DS. Nearly 7% of games sold were on the Wii U, while about 1% of the games sold were on the Wii. These numbers indicate that nearly 2/3 of all games sold in Japan in 2014 were on a Nintendo platform" -- Nintendo Enthusiast.

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RPGrinder1226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

Not surprising at all. 3DS has been dominating for years and years.

Hoffmann1226d ago

But is the Japanese Market even relevant now?

I mean..the big money is made in the USA and Europe today.

wonderfulmonkeyman1226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

Why is it that everyone tries to pretend Japan is irrelevant or unimportant when positive Nintendo news from that region is brought up, but the moment a positive news article about some hardware or software sales for the other two console makers in Japan crops up, suddenly it's sunshine, rainbows, and raised wine glasses galore?

Enough is enough, already.
This is a good thing.
Let's not try to downplay this news.
After all, there's been enough anti-Nintendo articles in the past week or two alone to make anyone but the most devoted of Nintendo haters sick and tired of it all.

Let's allow people a chance to smile for once instead of being a wet blanket.

Hoffmann1226d ago

Hey I did not say irrelevant, but in comparison with other regions today it is simply not as important as years ago now. Times changed.

MasterCornholio1226d ago


Well you did suggest that Japan wasn't relevant due to the size of the markets in the US and Europe.

Neonridr1226d ago

@Hoffmann - Japan IS the territory when it comes to handheld gaming. The 3DS has sold almost 20 million units in Japan alone.

home consoles not so much, but games like Mario Kart 8 still manage to move over a million units, so it can't be that insignificant.

MasterCornholio1226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

And your asking Nintendo that?

Don't you know that portable gaming is the biggest gaming market in Japan?

For portable gaming devices Japan is a pretty big deal.

paleselan11226d ago

Considering that tens of millions of games are sold in Japan, and it's a literally multi-billion dollar industry, not including mobile, the Japanese industry is relevant now.

Hoffmann1226d ago

According to the statistic in the article not tens of millions of games were sold there in 2014 but around 16M and that includes mobile handhelds like the 3ds and vita.

Sony alone sold almost 10 Million Playstation 4 games in the 2 launch months back in 2013 in the USa and Europe.

15-20 Million Games by around 20 of the biggest Japanese companies in japan might sound like a big number but if you compare it with the numbers of the USA and Europe you just see that it is a minor market now.

Neonridr1226d ago

@Hoffmann - I love how you are using figures from North America + Europe and and comparing that to sales in Japan alone..

well of course it amounts to more. You are taking TWO continents compared to ONE country.

TheManicCoder1226d ago

@Hoffman when you are using 2 continents to compare the sales of games vs Japan sales, it makes it very hard to take you seriously on making a point.

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ZeekQuattro1225d ago

Any wonder why Iwata and most of upper managements approval raitngs went up. Thats a lot of software sales right there.