Even PS3 Owners Rate Xbox Live Best

In a recent opinion poll, 74.7% of the PlayStation 3 owners surveyed considered Xbox Live to be the online service with the best feature set when compared to PlayStation Network and WiiConnect24. In addition, 71.4% of the people that actually own an Xbox 360 feel as though Xbox Live is worth the subscription fee.

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Twizlex3707d ago

I sense an incoming army of fanboys. Let me put on my flame-retardant suit real quick.

Nostradavis3707d ago

I have my stoneskin on, it should protect me.

Twizlex3707d ago

I don't know... stoneskin might not be enough. You might want to use ice block.

Tmac3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

Like polls are sooooo conclusive, as a contributor you should know better.

@ Lol, now you're taking it out of scale.

Twizlex3707d ago

It doesn't have to be "conclusive" to be reportable. What IS conclusive, however, is that Game Informer DID conduct a poll and this is what they found and printed. That much is a fact. Would it be reportable if Bill Gates said PSN was better, even though he's just one guy? Yes, of course it is. YOU should know better.

morganfell3707d ago

Well here is proof, as if we needed any, that Ripten is run by idiots. What does it take to show you have a PS3 and PSN? A claim. That's it. Now you know why Ripten isn't in the insurance business. Give me an hour and I can find 1000 "Xbox Live subscribers" that will say they prefer PSN.

I am a subscriber to Game Informer and I can tell you as can anyone else that zero proof was required for any of the questions in the poll.

Nostradavis3707d ago

You realize that Ripten didn't conduct the survey right? They are only reporting on the information from the survey. Did you even read the piece?

Also, if you subscribe to Game Informer, and you think that their journalistic integrity is sub par, then you are the one that sounds like the fool.

morganfell3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

You hardly do your namesake justice. Then again perhaps it isn't really the word 'davis' that should be the second half of your name but another, obviously more suitable two syllable word that begins with the letter 'D'.

I know Ripten did not do the survey. I hate to use a Star Wars quote here but who is more foolish, the fool or the fool who follows him. Ripten were fools to publish that but they did do it after all to generate web hits.

And you must be blind as I noted in my post it was Game Informer. I guess in your zealousness you decided to overlook that glaring fact.

Game Informer has a fairly even keel on reviews but to act as if they are incapable of error is just simple ignorance and the type of blind obedience that had people in the kool aid line in Guyana. Facts are stubborn things and the fact is the survey was erred and dependent upon the honesty of certain people, of whom a great number would say anything to support their console of choice.

There is a fool here alright and he is directly above me.

ukilnme3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

@ morganfell

I believe the fool is directly above me.

Edit: I was giving away bullets in the gamer zone. I'll give some away over here too.

Bon Scott3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

Of course they do.
The service has been out longer!!??!!

Stupid article.

Pain3707d ago

how about some that Dont play ether vote...oh but that would be lame eh?.............

CANADA RULES!!!!..................... .....says the Canadian......

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ape0073707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

2.4 was a nice step forward

psn is free

but I think live is easier to get into it,get used to it

I think that live is more well constructed than psn

of course this is microsot's best game

everybody cheer for sony for this achievment,in year and a half it chalenges 360's live

Twizlex3707d ago

I agree. The only thing people really ever say bad about Live is that it costs money, and the only thing people really ever say is great about PSN is that it's free.

The facts are that even though Live costs money, it is a better service.

Nostradavis3707d ago

Well, the poll didn't ask about the price, it asked about the overall experience.

LeSouteneur3707d ago

There are actually double the amount of 360 owners than PS3 owners who actually voted on the poll.

Dark vader3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

Yea of course live is better, no one is denying that. Hopefully sony will release playstation home this autumn. Ofcourse its going to be a on going beta but at least we have something to look forward to in terms of improvement. You have to remember that live is year ahead of psn, so hopefully playstation home will close that gap.

Each console has its strength and weakness. Nobody can deny that the ps3 is not the better hardware. The should make a poll about that.

And one more thing, how do we know that it was actually ps3 owners that voted and not 360 owners?

Twizlex3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

And the experience is better... and wait, yes it did ask about the price! It says right there in the description!

@Dark Vader
Why would ONLY 360 owners do that?

Jack Meahoffer3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

The PSN is getting better no doubt. Adding in game text chat helped. But PSN is still lacking real cross game universal voice chat. With the fall update you'll be able to group and voice chat at the OS level outside of games on XBL.

Also having to create a three level login to play MSO. I know it was Konami not PSN that came up with the idea but it was allowed to happen do to the hands off policy of PSN.

Its less than $5.00 a month. To me thats peanuts for a good service. Right now its worth it for the features PSN is missing. My Sirius satellite radio is like $13.00 a month. There have been problems but overall its a good service worth the price. Playing games is great seamless and I rent movies all the time. Fast downloads compared to PSN.

Nothing against PSN though its amazing what Sony has done so far for free. If they can match the service people will really question paying for XBL but we're not there yet. If Home EVER comes out that could help also.

jaysquared3707d ago

-This is a post from a previous article..

"Sony's gone so up and beyond by doing updates for free, running dedicated servers on first party games (60 players on Resistance 2), and giving quality PSN content"

That's why Sony is still losing money on the PS3. Also why Home hasn't been released.. You can look at it as a benefit for the consumer because PSN is free for them but somebody still has to pay for to run those service, the engineers and programmers who work on the updates, bandwidth and everything else that is associated with the running of PSN..

So yes its free for PS3 owners but Sony still needs to pay the bills.. Who knows but if PSN was paid maybe Sony would've had the money to pay Square to keep FF 13 exclusive or any other game that was exclusive to the PS3 but went multi-plat or even became a 360 exclusive(Ace Combat).. They could've also hired more engineers and developers so that Home would've been out by now..

incogneato3707d ago

PSN is way superior IMO. just about everything Live and even some features live does not have, completely free, dedicated servers on some games. access to tons of features within the game now with XMB. PSN is part of the PS3, Live feels like some extra service or something. Soon it will even have more features than Live with PSN Home it will just be no contest.

incogneato3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

A lot of you voted my comment down, why? What does Live have that PSN doesn't? Voice chat? Which will be added in no time since they already have video chat. And cross game invite? That's about it. PSN is free. And it will have Home AND you can access tons of options from XMB while in game, not just messages or invites like with Live. Are invites really that important that you'd say it makes Live with subscription fees better than a free PSN? Keep in mind you will spend at least $300 in subscription fees this generation with your 360. Or maybe you think $300 shouldn't be counted in what makes it better or worse? Please explain, I'm curious.

rexor07173707d ago

I would say it has the most features. But those features to me don't warrant 50 dollars. I really think both are great. But if I had to choose, I would go with PSN because it is very functional and free.

SJL4803707d ago

I believe there was also a question about psn being free and if it was convincing people to switch to it for multi player and I believe it was
70 ish to 30 ish "yes" I don't seem to see that in the article.

uie4rhig3707d ago

PSN vs XBL, XBL wins hands down.. tho i'd rather have Steam, yeah XBL has more services, but i don't care about most, and Steam does all i care about :)
tbh, if PSN does what steam currently does, i will be much more happy about PSN than i currently are :)

whoelse3707d ago

This survey is pointless. Of course PS3 owners think the 360 has the best feature set, it clearly does. They should have asked whether they think its worth the money.

leila013707d ago

wow, this is the first time I'm experiencing fanboy debate. It's retarded. Do you guys make love to your system?

You don't need to be a genius to know what's better between XBL and PSN; but I still don't think it's worth 60 euros. It should be half it's actual price at most.

godofthunder103707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

It cost to keep a good service like xbox live,he** i would pay to have a live service like xbox live then have one free like psn.The only thing that the psn have that is better then xbox live is that it's free.Sony would have to charge for the psn service if it was as good as xbox live but they refuse to fix the psn just so they could keep it free.

I've read some ps3 fanboys articles and it's just a shame to read how they want even admit that xbox live is a lot better then the psn.They are claiming that 360 fanboys lied and said that they had a ps3 just so they could vote for xbox live.The truth is that xbox live is a lot better then psn.I'm not a ridiculious fanboy that want admit the truth about something if it's better then the system that i have because it's childish and fanboys should be ashamed the way that they act.I have a 360 but i'll admit that the ps3 is the most dependable console that was ever made and the 360 had lots of problem untill they finally fixed it but to say that the psn is better then xbox live is ridiculious and only ps3 fanboys will say that the psn is better then xbox live.

I have a 360 and i love it and i refuse to buy a ps3 because i like to support and help my own economy out just like the japanese said.The worst thing that they said when 2 writers for game magazines in Japan was polleing them to find out why they want buy a 360 was that they hate to buy products from forign countries especially from the U.S.

It's about time that Americans stop buying forign products when ever they can and start supporting our own country and companies in it so we could make our economy strong like it was a few decades ago before we started letting forign companies sell their products in the U.S.

If Americans start thinking like Japanese do and buy products from our own country we would have a strong economy because the U.S would get more taxes every year from American companies and workers.Instead some americans wish that a forign company beats an american company and make it shut down.I bet that their isn't one Japanes that wish that an American company beats a company from Japan because they have pride and they are proud of their country and they would never pull against it for anything and that's the way it should be.

Real Gambler3707d ago

"Possibly even more intriguing is the fact that of the people that owned all three consoles, meaning they had the option of playing multiplatform games online for free, 63% still found Xbox Live to be worth the price."

SURE, people who own $1500 worth of hardware (will peripherals included) can afford paying an extra $50 a year. (Those people also quite likely have a $2000 hdtv with it otherwise, they need to heavy medication!)

But for most single console owner though, saving $50 a year for having slighly less service, means getting one more game per year that they may not be able to afford otherwise...

Time_Is_On_My_Side3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

You don't understand the PlayStation Network topology, Sony doesn't have dedicated servers for first party games. All games have dedicated servers and they're held by the developer not by Sony. This is very similar to a PC (Personal Computer) online game but Sony has unified user names this time around. That was the reason why why had to make online IDs last generation because Sony didn't make unified names; it was too much like the PC. As of right now Sony is making money off of the PlayStation Store and soon to be PlayStation Home. That place is going to be filled with adverts and any kind of company can put their adverts for a price. Also remember any microtransaction a consumer does something goes to Sony.

With Final Fantasy XIII Squar Enix is going to use the full disc that would be six DVD9s for the XBOX 360. Even though it isn't exclusive we're still going to play the game as if it was so they (Square Enix) aren't dumbing down the PlayStation 3 version.

potenquatro3706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

to everybody crying their litle harts out for having to pay for LIVE,yet rave about PSN being free.
december 2005 xbox360 $349.99+ 3 years LIVE $150+ game $60= $560
december 2006 ps3 $599.99+ HD cables $50+ game $60= $710
july 2008 xbox360 $299.99+ 3 years LIVE $150+ game $60= $510
july 2008 ps3 $499.99+ HD cables $50+ game $60= $610

why are people complaining over stupid sh!t. it should be cheaper yes, just like my house my car and my food, but it's not a deal breaker. imho. i can be wrong.

Ateanboy3706d ago

It clearly says 74.7% of PS3 users that ALSO own an Xbox 360... So what exacly is the total number?

I only know 1 person from my real life that owns both consoles. All the other gamers I know have only PS3s. So I'm wondering, this can't be a phenomenon happening ONLY in central Florida.

I mean, how many people out there actually have both a 360 and a PS3? A couple thousands? And I'm also betting that those 74.4% had a 360 first since it was launched, and so the PS3 is their "Second" system. So, OFCOURSE they're gonna say Live is better.

Me? I never bought a 360, but my younger brother did. I stayed on the PS2, and I only played Halo on his 360. And I DID play it online. And now that I have a PS3, I seriously, in all honesty, prefer the PSN over Live. Call me crazy.

JsonHenry3706d ago

I guess if you take the money out of the picture then Xboxlive is years ahead of PSN. (anyone that owns both consoles knows this is a fact)

But if all you want to do is play online, then the free service you get from PSN is more than good enough. Although game invites, in game chat, and being able to see what/where/and with who your friends are playing with is nice to have. Hopefully sony pulls through on these things sometime soon.

dantesparda3706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

Is paying for Xbox Live worth it. Its a complete and utter rip off. You get everything you get on Gold, on Silver for free except for the ability to play online. Therefore all you are paying for, is to play online. Definitely not worth it. Only fanboys think it is, and thats cuz fanboys are all stupid idiots who just sweat everything their beloved system/companys do. I've already paid $150 to Live and i dont even use it that much, so my 360 has already cost me $570 (that's with tax). Paying to play online is a rip off, i dont care if it was $25 a year. You shouldnt have to pay to play online, nobody else charges you for that except for MS (except for MMO sh!t). Just like paying for Themes and Gsmerpics is another rip off, or not being to just pay what something costs on Live Marketplace. Or $100 20GB HDD's or Wireless adaptors. MS are a bunch of snakes, and you fools cant see it, cuz youse are to on the nuts to see it.

And to all the people saying that Live is much better, why is it so much better? cuz of cross game invites? or cross game chat? what else? 2 things! just those two little things. You people are all pathetic and exaggerative. Two or things little things more does not make something so much better, no try again. But to fanboys, any little thing is a big deal.

ruiner44823706d ago

If you're paying 50 bucks for an hdmi cable you deserve to get ripped off.

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C_SoL3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

It may be better......but it ain't free.............

EDIT:I'm a gamer alright. Sure, features here features there. Ya that's great and all, but the main point of me using online is to play against other people. So in the end of the day I will be choosing the free online service weather I'm playing on PC or the PS3. That's the main point right? Playing online....

That's my opinion.

Bnet3433707d ago

dumpster food is free but the nice warm ham and cheese sandwich isn't.

NDN_Shadow3707d ago

The sole thing driving me away from a 360 is LIVE's price tag.

mistertwoturbo3707d ago


If XboxLive has burgers, french fries, and a coke all for $4.99.

PSN has burgers, french fries and don't have the coke, but for free.

You have a poor analogy calling PSN dumpster food.

Sega Saturn3707d ago

I guess we now know who the 25.3% that voted for the PSN are.

thePatriot3707d ago

psn might not have coke but the burger comes with all sorts of extras like, mayo or hotsauce or extra pickles>dedicated servers for R2 MAG and hardware2 home is like a free apple pie with a nike add on the bottom of the plate.

socomnick3707d ago

psn is like a hamburger.

Xbox live is like a bacon double cheese burger, with onion rings, milkshake and refills.

Zeevious3707d ago

Live's the Target.

PSN's the Arrow.

mistertwoturbo3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

"psn is like a hamburger.

Xbox live is like a bacon double cheese burger, with onion rings, milkshake and refills."

bacon double cheeseburger with onion rings milkshake and $50/year refills.

PSN is a bacon SINGLE cheeseburger with regular fries, a soda, and FREE Refills.

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Boldy3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

I wonder if this was an open poll so that anyone could say they had a PS3 and then vote Xbox Live, or if you needed proof that you owned a PS3, because I could see a bunch of non-PS3 owners going on there and jacking up the votes for Xbox Live, kinda like what ends up happening with all the RROD polls.

Edit: I never said that all subscribers to Game Informer were 360 owners. Some 360 only owners could just be lying and say they have a PS3 when in actuality, they don't.

Twizlex3707d ago

So you think only 360 owners subscribe to Game Informer? You don't think that kind of thing would be happening both ways?

Twizlex3707d ago

@Boldy's edit

If you do the math and had all these 360 owners claiming they owned PS3's when they actually didn't (or enough of them to make a difference), then you would end up with very little actual PS3 owners participating in the poll, which I find hard to believe.

uxo223707d ago


what do you find harder to believe, that PS3 owners do think live is better, or that PS3 owners would atually admit it?

Twizlex3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

Well, I think there's a big difference between owners and fanboys, and most people seem to be regular ol' owners. If I had to pick, I would find it more shocking that PS3 owners would admit Live is better than to just think it, but I don't think most logical people would have a problem admitting it. Anyone over the age of 15 should be able to do that.

ukilnme3707d ago

@ Boldy

I don't believe it. Another MS conspiracy. There is no way a PS3 owner will admit that anything about the 360 is better than that which is offered on the PS3. They would rather take a bullet to the head like Kaz. I will supply the bullets for those of you that need one.

Boldy3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

I'm not sure if you are implying that I am a PS3 fanboy. If you are then I can assure you I am not. I only own a 360 as I can't afford more than one console. I just tend to look at things from both perspectives. As proof that I own an Xbox 360:

Besides I am not claiming what I said above as fact, I am saying that it could be a possibility that could possibly skew the results.

ukilnme3707d ago

@ Boldy
I'm not implying anything. Just making random comments while I get intoxicated after a hard day at work. My comment was only meant to offend those that it applies to.

As for both perspectives, I'm a PSWii60 owner. My gamer tags are on my profile.

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Sandwich Bender3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

Like Twizlex said, the only thing people praise about PSN is that it's free. And it's not free because the people at Sony are so nice and caring, it's free because it's a fairly crappy system that isn't worth a dime.

PirateThom3707d ago

Have you ever actually used PSN?

The online for first party games is virtually lag free because, unlike XBox Live, Sony use servers rather than P2P.

LeSouteneur3707d ago

with dedicated servers for first party games, free while still being regularly updated, as well as having quality downloadable games. Okay

N4M3L3553707d ago

The PSN started off as crap, but it's only getting better. Like many others have said, competition benefits the consumer. However, I will admit, Metal Gear Online and the konami ID sign-up was/is bullsh1t. Sony should've put foot to ass when they found that out.

Bnet3433707d ago

Actually PSN is free because if Sony would charge for PSN, no one in their right minds would pay for it.

Dark vader3707d ago

Sony online service will get better though. Once home is released it should even out the odds.

mistertwoturbo3707d ago

Notice the ones who call PSN crap are the ones who don't own a PS3.

Ironic eh?

Even PS3 owners aren't denying the fact that XBL is feature packed. Isn't that what this article is about anyway?

The way I see it, just because PSN is Free, does not make it a piece of crap.

It has the core necessities for online gaming.

1. Play online games - Check
2. Friends list - Check
3. Download extra content - Check
4. Download new firmware updates - Check

Plus the "extras" that are there like Demos, game videos, the new video service, DLC, etc.

So enough with the fanboyism folks. XBL is great, so enjoy it. You pay the premium, and you like it? Power to yah!

But stop knocking on PSN just because it's free.

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