So Long Wii U, We Hardly Knew You

The Wii U has played host to some of the most amazing games of this current console generation, with Super Mario 3D World, Splatoon, Super Smash Bros. and Mario Kart 8 proving to be critical smash-hits. However, even the most blinkered Nintendo fan will admit that the console itself has been a crushing disappointment commercially, especially after the incredible triumph of the Wii, which sold over 100 million units worldwide.

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marloc_x1141d ago (Edited 1141d ago )

I think Wii U will co-exist as an entry level machine within Nintendo's network between PC, smartphones, tablets and next-gen 😉

Good article though.

mikeslemonade1140d ago

"The Wii U has played host to some of the most amazing games of this CURRENT CONSOLE GENERATION"

The WiiU being part of the current gen is still debatable

Concertoine1140d ago

In terms of power, it isnt comparable. But weak specs didnt prevent any other console from being considered part of its generation.


What "gen" its in has nothing to do with hardware specs and stats. Face the fact that right now the Wii U has a better first party library then PS4/XB1 combined. You people are more concerned with counting pixels rather than HAVING FUN, tell me hows that working out for you?

Everything Nintendo does is top quality, they don't release broken games, they don't release half a game and sell you the rest later. But apparently since it isnt trying to be photo realistic it "doesnt count"? FUCK THAT. Their main issue is they need to invest more into the online aspect of their games, and they need to once and for all unify the eshop between platforms.

mikeslemonade1140d ago (Edited 1140d ago )

How many people exclude themselves to playing only first party games? You just try to spin it in a way so that the criteria fits your agenda.

And responding to your 2nd paragraph, I also I don't need to pay as much to play games. Nintendo games stay full price for a long time.

lunatic00011140d ago

since when did being in any last,current, or next gen had to be by how powerful the game console has to be...i always thought it meant that wii u,ps4 and xb1 are in the same generation and the nx, xb1 successor and ps4 successor were next i missing something

Mr_Writer851140d ago

I don't find Nintendo games fun.

I am however having lots of fun with GTA 5, Diablo 3, Driveclub, TLOU, Planetside 2 and quite a few indie games that I got with my playstation plus subscription.

This may shock you, but the PS4 and X1 have games that look great AND are fun.

I don't know why Nintendo fanboys think fun games are only on Nintendo platforms, I mean if games where not fun we wouldn't play them.

AJBACK2FRAG1140d ago

Lol!!!! I think Nintendo has released some of the best video game software in the company's history this generation!

N4g_null1140d ago

If we are to believe in what you said then the PS4 and xbone and half gen machines since they are clearly not cutting edge. Budget video cards are more powerful. The mark was 3 tflops. The wiiu is way belowe that but above last gen. The ps4 is only barely halfway there. Calling this gen powerful is like comparing texas instruments to pcs.

YOU SET A LOW HANGING FRUIT! Nintendo could absorb the wiiu tech and just make it another core in an 8 core system. They could even put addons on to the gamepad so that is is a full portable. Yet the biggest thing is they are free to make a super systems for those willing to pay for it. HBM, hybrid console handheld, pc like, phone functions, all wireless... sounds like a apple product, and an unreal 4 mario bros....

Hey and if we can't afford it well um that what Lamborghini are for. Give it a few years and tech always gets cheaper but nintendo and any one else will already have experience with it.

These are all options. Options are good. What is even cooler is once a piece of hardware is launched that doesn't stop them from luanching another.... we are talking about unified development now which hopefully extends to pcs levels of hardware. That would be powerful.

I'm all for power but not at the expense of game play. This power argument is easy to get rid of you just have to keep supporting your current system.

MSBAUSTX1140d ago

@ mikeslemonade

I wouldnt restrict myself to console exclusives either if I was dependant on microsoft and Sony to produce them.

3-4-51140d ago

* Do you even understand what gen stands for ?

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pcz1140d ago

the wiiu will co-exist with the junk in peoples closets.

you know the wiiu is dead just by looking at the N4G wiiu section- there is no wiiu games news. the news feed is full of other gaming news unrelated to the wiiu. this proves there is nothing happening with the wiiu, it doesnt even inspire journalists to write.

the only news articles are these, saying the wiiu is dead, or, news articles speculating about NX.

how long is it going to sink in to gamers, especially nintendo fans that the wiiu is dead. it is dead.

GordonKnight1140d ago

It maybe on it's way out, but it's not dead in my house. Then again my SNES isn't dead in my house either.

I'm looking forward to moving my Wii U to my bedroom. Just like I did with my PS3, 360, Wii.

Maybe I'll finally box up my Wii when I purchase the Wii U. I'll put it in my closet next to all PS1 JRPGs.

zeal0us1141d ago

The WiiU is what the Wii should have been spec wise. The Wii sales what the WiiU couldn't duplicate sadly.

Mr_Writer851140d ago (Edited 1140d ago )

Because the Wii was a fluke, the wii would of preformed worse than the Wii U had Nintendo not marketed it at none gamers.

As a console for gamers it was by far one of the biggest failures, 2/3 great exclusives paired with hundreds of cheap cash in shovel ware and gimmicky controller.

But none gamers didn't care they lapped it up.

The only reason the Wii U didn't do the same as people moved onto iPads.

BenRage31140d ago (Edited 1140d ago )

Then how do you explain Nintendo games being rated so highly among videogame journalists? These are the same journalists that play the Xbox and PS games that you do. Your point doesn't make any sense. You say gamers didn't care; that is factually incorrect. Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2 are rated higher than any other game ever made. And the people who rated them high are hardcore gamers.

So maybe you are missing the boat in regards to what qualifies as a core game. What does that make you? The exact thing you are excusing others of being...a casual gamer.

Spotie1140d ago

@Ben: What does that matter when core gamers, by and large, had a different impression of those games and the requisite consoles? If you ask me how I know, I'll counter with asking why else the Wii U would be seeing such abysmal sales while the latest entries in all those famed franchises still see stellar reviews.

GordonKnight1139d ago (Edited 1139d ago )


The Wii was not a fluke. IMO The Wii does have a ton of games still hold up great. The controller isn't a gimmick at all. Games to this day still use them. Like Mario Party 10. Now I wish Nintendo would give us an opinion to use a normal controller with every game. A lot of the shovel ware on the Wii, but the same thing can be say about most consoles. Ever the PS2 has a large amount of shovel ware.

In the end just play your PS4 and X1 if you have both.

I'll be play my Wii U, PS4, & X1. I don't discriminate when it come to videos.


It would have been nice to see the Wii U have more third party support, but it would have also been nice to see the PS4 and especially the X1 being able handle every game at 1080p 60fps.

If hating on Nintendo make you happy I guess keep doing it. I know I'll be playing all three consoles every gen.

Oh and all the Wii so called casual gamers are buying PS4. Who seriously plays games on an iPad? Not even casual gamer play games on there.

If you don't purchase a console you are not a GAMER.

jcnba281140d ago

So more expensive than a $600 PS3? Are you serious?

Spotie1140d ago

Well, without Blu Ray and a PS2 chip in it, the Wii with Wii U specs wouldn't necessarily have to cost more or even as much.

Segata1140d ago

If Wii U had the specs it does in 2006 it would have cost more than PS3 by a hell of a lot. Wii U is a machine that can do up to 8k textures. Last gen barely did 2k.

FallenAngel19841141d ago

Dropping the Wii U so soon won't do Nintendo any favors. Look how that worked for SEGA with the Saturn. Not only would Nintendo's next console sell drastically worse as a result of Wii U's abandonment, its dwindling loyal fans will feel extremely betrayed and not be so keen to buy another console that will seem outdated once Sony and Microsoft reveal their next consoles.

Vegamyster1140d ago

We don't even know what the NX is at this point & Nintendo stated they'll keep making games for the Wii-U/3DS after the NX comes, it seems a little hasty to say if they'll pull a Sega.

TheColbertinator1140d ago


That sounds even worse. Sega once tried to market juggle the Sega Genesis,Sega Game Gear,Sega 32X and the Sega CD at all once and that blew up in their faces when Saturn came along

N4g_null1140d ago

It's not hard to juggle at all. If iwata is to be believed we are about to see the first true single platform development environment from a console.

This mean they can make a game once for the highest spec and literally scale down after that.

BrandanT1140d ago

It also won't do many favours holding onto it either.

Raider691140d ago

Well im a Wii U owner since release and have always supported Nintendo buying there home consoles and games and you can bet that im not going to support Nintendo NX .I might end up picking one but only after a couple of years down the road if i see it suitable,but i will never ever more support any new Nintendo system at release like i have done since the Snes!

remixx1161140d ago

Honestly I hate to say it but.........I'm a sheep, I will buy every Nintendo home console until they quit making them, as much crap as I've been giving ninth lately I needs my Zelda/mario/metroid fix.

BenRage31140d ago (Edited 1140d ago )

This article lacks logical coherency. It says the lineup is weak because we already knew what games were coming out. That isn't a valid point. There are 4 1st party games coming out this holiday along with Splatoon which came out earlier this year. Granted the 3rd party games are slim pickings, but 5 1st party games in one year is hardly a weak lineup for the holiday. That would cost over $200 to buy all of them. Does the average gamer spend that much? Just because us hardcore gamers buy anywhere from 10-20 games a year doesn't mean that's the rule for everyone. Try to think outside of your viewpoint once in a while.

If I owned a Wii U and I don't, I wouldn't be hurting for games to play this holiday--Yoshi, Mario Maker, Starfox, Splatoon and Xenoblade Chronicles not to mention a few obvious others that are mentioned in the article. No Zelda? That sucks, but the line-up isn't as bad as the fanatics on this website (who do not represent a valid sample of the average population) make it out to be.

It's like saying X steakhouse (which makes amazing 5 star steaks) sucks because their menu is smaller than steakhouse Y. Gamers have become so spoiled. I think it's a great sign when the least popular system has 5 great games to play for the holiday. I mean how spoiled are we? How many gamers will buy every single new game this holiday season for their respected system? Not as many as you think. Maybe 2-3 games tops. And do not give me the "we should have more choices argument." Nintendo has been one of the most consistent in quality for the last 25 years. Do I need variety from Mozart when he regularly creates magic?

Wii U, we hardly knew you? I have news for you! The system isn't dead yet. If you own a Wii U and have zero excitement for the holiday lineup then you cannot possibly be considered a core gamer. Never heard of you.

What a surprise this article was posted by the biggest Nintendo troll on the Internet. Superchiller, seriously, get a life.

Concertoine1140d ago

Well said, even though it hasn't sold well everyone i know with a wii u is enjoying it.
It cant be denied that it has had its fair share of some of the best games this gen. I definitely had the most fun with it thus far.

Mr_Writer851140d ago

5 games is poor.

Compare that to the 1st and 3rd party line ups the other 2 have and its slim pickings.

Also it's lack of choice.

Having a choice of 5 games... Or a choice of 50 I guarantee you will have more variety in the 50 games then you do the 5 which is more appealing.

BenRage31140d ago (Edited 1140d ago )

Nope try again. Every argument you've made I have already refuted using syllogistic logic which is something I have studied in college. Reread my post and keep rereading it until you understand my inference and actually have a valid counter point.

Fwi, there are more than 5 games, many many more. The argument I made was strictly for 1st party titles. And I never argued that the other systems didn't have more to obviously didn't read the article, so go back and read the article, then reread my post before you embarrass yourself again.

Mr_Writer851140d ago

More games = more choice, the PS4 and X1 have more games releasing, you can try and narrow the argument by claiming just first party titles, but newsflash gamers buy 3rd party games.

So not to include them is just trying to move the goal posts to suite your strange view.

I didn't read the article and have no intention I am just calling you out on your BS comparison.

Now I suggest you stop embarrassing yourself.

MSBAUSTX1140d ago (Edited 1140d ago )

But the problem is you dont have variety. It is shooter after shooter after shooter with a few RPGs and an elderscrolls type game thrown in. Name more than 3 big AAA 3D action platformers between the PS4 and the XB1 combined.

I can think of knack, Rayman Legends, and .......nope cant even name 3. So if you love those types of games that you and your kids can play or be around while you play them, then that list of "50" games go to hell pretty quick. Plus I have some mature titles to choose from on Wii u and Virtual console.

Spotie1140d ago

@MSBAUSTX: Always the the qualifiers. "Name more than 3 big AAA 3D action platformers" with rabbits and at least two black men in them.


You don't talk of variety and then in the same breath generate qualifications to exclude variety.

Segata1140d ago

I have 30 games on my Wii U. 2 for PS4. More to choose from is not better. Cable has more channels than my Roku but the Roku has more quality. More isn't always better cable is full of garbage. PS4 has more but less to really choose from for me. Wii U is full of quality games. PS4 has more not better.

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Veneno1139d ago


the main idea is that the Wii U is on the decline when at this point it should just be hitting its stride. It's not about quality, it's about quantity here. It's completely true that Nintendo offers an experience that cannot be found on the other consoles, which is why I love my Wii U so much, but there just isn't enough titles coming out to choose from when at this stage in the console's life span there should be too many to choose from. I feel like Nintendo could've began a huge turnaround with Mariokart 8, then Smash, but since Smash there are no other Nintendo Powerhouse games on the horizon. We should be hearing about the next Punch Out, the next big Mario platformer, a proper Metroid, a new Mother title, if Nintendo really supports Pokken Tournament then why is there no solid confirmation about a console release? And heaven forbid, NEW IP's!

If you look at the other two consoles they also provide their own experiences but the difference is they are loaded with choices and are just at the beginning of their respective lifespans.

As a proud Wii U owner I would still be happy with the excellent handful of games I have if they stopped releasing games for Wii U today., but we should expect more from Nintendo. They should be trying harder to turn things around.

BenRage31139d ago (Edited 1139d ago )

I don't necessarily disagree with anything you said. But the article made the claim that because we already knew what was coming out, the lineup is weak. I wish there were more 3rd party titles coming out. But if I were a Wii U owner I feel like I would have enough to play for the holiday. Nintendo is the only company in the video game industry that can keep a system going simply with 1st party games. Quality is very important.

I get it, the Wii U is on life support, but that doesn't mean there isn't enough to play this holiday. And let me make something clear. I would rather own a ps4 than a Wii U. But existing Wii U owners who like Nintendo games should have fun this holiday, that's all I'm saying.

If someone bought me a Wii U for Christmas, I would have plenty of solid titles to choose from. Which led to my second point that gamers are spoiled thus the steakhouse analogy, which is valid.

colonel1791140d ago

I love the Wii U only for the games, but that is because I love a lot of Nintendo franchises. I will always buy Nintendo consoles for them no matter what. However, I hated the Wii U Gamepad. It was comfortable, but felt weird to play games on it, mostly.

Nintendo made a lot of huge mistakes with the Wii U. The most important one, I think, was naming the console Wii U. I don't blame them, because they of course wanted to keep riding on Wii's success, but it was poorly planned and the announcement being only the Gamepad, of course confused a lot of people into thinking it was just an add-on for the Wii.

What worries me with the NX though, is that Nintendo will want to keep riding on Amiibos' success too, and so they will make a console that utilizes them in some way or another, and they in some way, repeat the same mistakes they have done with the Wii U.

I just wish Nintendo for once made a PlayStation or Xbox console. What I mean, is that those are consoles without many gimmicks. It's just a console with a controller. I know Nintendo loves to be original and different, but if only it was like the Super Nintendo where you had your console, your controller and many amazing games. No third handle, no motion controls, no screen on the controller, no mini DVD that don't fit many of the games.

I would love a basic console, where I can play all of Nintendo games, BUT powerful enough so that third party could make games for all consoles without any compromises. That's it. Sounds boring, but the games would make up for it!

What makes the PS4 great is the variety of Sony first party titles summed with all of third-party ones. Now imagine that you have all of Nintendo's IPs, but you can also play, say, Batman Arkham Knight, and it's as good as the PS4 version? That would be an amazing Nintendo console! AND Nintendo has a very successful handheld business, so add that too.