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God of War comes to the PlayStation 4 in the form of this high-definition remastering of 2010's God of War 3. Danny and Aaron investigate by fighting some gods in this GameSpot Plays.

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Lonnie181260d ago

I played all the God of Wars and I got the platinum for them all even the psp versions they brought to ps3 so pretty much have to get this one, can't wait.

starchild1260d ago

Looks really nice. Still holds up pretty well.

StrawberryDiesel4201260d ago

God of War 3 is the best in my opinion. The entire game is just jaw dropping moments one after another. The boss battles are epic, especially Poseidon. Can't wait for next Tuesday.

abstractel1260d ago

I really hope they show GOW4 at Gamescom. This remaster looks good, but imagine what SSM can do on the PS4? It's going to be amazing. While I would still play through another iteration and be happy, I do hope they really evolve the gameplay.

I enjoyed Ascension but it was obvious that it didn't have the same epic feel as 3 (except for the beginning, that was incredible) and while weapon improvements were nice and the MP was good (I actually quite enjoyed it), it showed signs that GOW formula really needs to evolve to stand toe to toe with the rest of the industry. Even GG are going open world (it seems).

GearSkiN1260d ago

So much is this game $60...

Skate-AK1260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )

The game is only $40.

Edit: Soap beat me to it.

Irishguy951260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )



@ 40 quid it should have next gen graphics. What a joke

Sony learned a valuable lesson from Nintendo. You can resell any game you want with the most minor upgrades at a ridiculous price.

GearSkiN1260d ago

I'm sorry but sony needs to learn how to do remastered, looking how Microsoft does remastered, actually improve the look of the game.

bmwfanatic1260d ago

Yah because the mcc launch was such a success.

Sunny_D1260d ago

You do know only Halo 2 was the one that was remade with next gen graphics right? The rest were slighty cleaned up. GOW 3 is a PS3 game that still holds up today.

LordMaim1260d ago

Maybe if you'd played the original, you'd notice all of the improvements. Granted, the original did look surprisingly good for last gen hardware, but the new version is amazing.

GearSkiN1260d ago

Umm I finished gow 3 thank u very much, and no halo 2 wasn't the only one with different graphics, apparently u guys only know Halo, gears is coming out and they actually making changes on the he graphics side, I owned both console so u can't say I'm a fanboy, I'm referring to how Sony doesn't compete when it comes to re release games...

StrawberryDiesel4201260d ago

God of War 3 is a graphical powerhouse on PS3. With a framerate of 60FPS and resolution of 1080P on PS4, you can rest assured the game will be smooth as butter and look better than ever. Keep hating though.

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ABizzel11260d ago

I think $40, not 100% sure on that though.

GearSkiN1260d ago

Hmm actually I don't hate coz I'm buying the game, sorry ur a ps fan only, didn't mean to hurt your feelings buddy.

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showtimefolks1260d ago

I will pick this up because in the end thee will be chaos

Der_Kommandant1260d ago

The most epic intro ever in a video game.

mezati991260d ago

i don't think i can watch the intro without wanting to play it again...damn god of war 4 is gonna look jaw droppingly good

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