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Marcus Estrada writes: "Shenmue 3 is the first video game Kickstarter to have been announced and launched during an E3 press conference. With a surprise reveal during Sony’s E3 event, the gaming populace went wild and managed to crash Kickstarter due to hammering the site so hard. There’s a lot we still don’t know about how the title will turn out, but we do know far more than we did at launch. So, let’s review!"

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GregMicek1254d ago

I still havent backed this and am on the fence about doing so. Still sceptical that it'll be able to live up the promises.

MadMax1254d ago

Anyone know if there will be a physical retail release in stores, or is it backers edition only on kickstarter? Thx in advance!

DigitalRaptor1254d ago (Edited 1254d ago )

I'll try and help.

If you look at the $60 retail editions on Kickstarter, they have about 11,000 backers on those tiers. Granted the higher tiers also have several thousands of backers, who can also claim the physical editions, it would still only add up to less than 25,000 physical editions.

Realistically, YsNet and Sony are not going to print just 25,000 editions of the game. I'm not too sure on how retail game manufacturing works, but I think they will produce way more copies than just the amount the Kickstarter backers have pledged for. There's been no confirmation, but I'm fairly sure it will happen.

Either way, Kickstarter offers you a lot more. I've gone pretty nuts in support of my favourite game series of all time.

@ GregMicek

Understandable, but what promises?

@ Nonscpo

At the current rate, the Kickstarter will reach $6 million by the end, and signs are pointing towards a Paypal option being open after the campaign has finished, which could easily bring in the full $10 million if they continue to make all the right moves.

If it started with $10 million, the game would not be funded and people would be having serious doubts about now. You'd see negative press and trolls everywhere, and Shenmue would not have a future. $2 million is STORY-BASED Shenmue. $5 million is allowing Suzuki to add something new to the Shenmue franchise. $10 million should allow him to make a game with the same depth of the first Shenmue.

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Nonscpo1254d ago

Still think it should have started with a 10 million funding goal and just have all these random stretch goals included. Granted they would still need Sony's backing to make it happen.

garyanderson1254d ago

Seriously. The stretch goal count is overkill.

Spotie1254d ago

And if it didn't reach the ten mill, then what?