PSN Down On PS4 & PS3, Affecting Gaming, PlayStation Store and More

At 10am PT/1pm ET, Sony updated their PlayStation Network Status Page to reveal that the PSN is down on PlayStation 4, with issues affecting Gaming and Social and the PlayStation Store.

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MrDead1175d ago (Edited 1175d ago )

Working fine for me in the UK.
I guess this is just in the US as I've just got Styx and Rocket League from the store and they’re downloading as I type.

Yi-Long1175d ago

I'm in Holland and PSN has been down for me for a few hours now... which is very annoying cause many game pretty much demand an online connection to run properly, or at all.

nX1175d ago

Yeah same here, I wouldn't mind server downtimes if I could at least access my digital games offline.
As it is now, my PS4 is merely more than a pretty looking brick :(

Orbilator1175d ago

Why are your digital games not working? As long as your ps4 is activated you should have access. All my games are digital and I'm never connected and they all work fine.

AngelicIceDiamond1175d ago (Edited 1175d ago )

Me and a handful of ppl have been saying PS4 is every bit the online heavy console as X1.

Its passive aggressive DRM always online its both Sony and MS taking away half our features in these consoles when offline, clearly I been saying that in the pass 2 years. Both are near useless bricks when they're offline. VS PS3 and 360 where you can still access 80% of the features when they're offline.

Its surpring some of yall are JUST NOW getting it.

Whenever PS5 and Xbox Infinite release they are gonna be always online. No amount of whining, petitioning and crying will convince either company to change that either.

I don't fully agree but its realistic, highly realistic. And hopefully both companies come harder on their online infrastructures to keep their services online ALL THE TIME.

Aenea1175d ago

@Bloodborn and @AngeliceIceDiamond

I don't get it why people complain about DRM on PS4 and that it doesn't work when you can't go online, it's nonsense, it does work when you activate your PS4 as your primary PS4.

What would you want them to do? No DRM at all whatsoever and let everyone and his donkey install any game on any PS4 so it would be possible to buy 1 copy and let 100s of people use that same 1 copy? If they allow that people will use it, simple, and the game publishers will make less profit, make less games, etc., etc., etc.

It makes sense that if your PS4 is not the primary machine for an account that is linked to the game you want to start that it demands you to log in and check if you're allowed to play it.

Griever1175d ago (Edited 1175d ago )

And it is back up and working fine now within a few hours. I am playing FFXIV at the moment. The July PS Plus free games are also now available on the store for download in the US.
The show is over everyone. Back to your usual businesses. It was a just a maintenance for a few hours. Seriously, whenever PSN goes down, most of the people who are rioting and bashing do not even own a Playstation system.

DDOS-DelDaemonicOSes1175d ago (Edited 1175d ago )

Everyone's computer in the world is much closer to being "a useless brick" when it goes offline, thus how obvious it is that Ms naysayers aren't very smart about the future of computers, especially since similar was true about electrical power.

Always online BSers appear as "retarded" (because they retard progress) as naysayers of electrical... "but my device becomes useless when the power goes out"... yeah, though more useless and fLAMER overall when STICKING with the pAS(S)t.

To those that naysay DRM, enjoy your investment in discs when XO will eventually be able to automatically stream any game from anywhere in the world by simply walking up to a Ms device with "Hello"... any game, that is, other than those that require swapping discs.

"Ms" naysayers always result in fLAMER.

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Hellsvacancy1175d ago

I'm in the UK and its down for me, I can see my friends etc but most of the games i've brought I can't play, they have this padlock symbol next to them, tried restoring the licenses, "system error"

spacedelete1175d ago

yet people are begging for a digital only future.

Chris121175d ago

UK, been down for me too. Frustrating.....

Jmanzare1175d ago

Man don't you just hate DRM 😜

kaizokuspy1175d ago

Bypass the locks by turning off your ps4 completely, turning it back on. Go straight to the game you want, but don't press up and look at online stuff. Just straight to your game and the lock should be gone temporarily enough just so you can start your game.

Irishguy951175d ago

@spacedelete, its not digital problem. Its a Drm problem. Sony like their Drm just as much as MS

Aenea1175d ago

Activate your PS4 as your primary PS4 on your PSN account once it's back up and you will not have those locks again in the future...

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nucky641175d ago

playstation store is saying "under maintenance" but I can send/receive messages and play online games.

reallyNow1175d ago

so? this means nothing. when they say that its under maintenance, something is being updated. it doesnt necessarily guarantee that the services are ALL going to be down at once, it just is a warning to let you know that things may go offline, and dont flood them with emails about it.

Kiwi661175d ago

And yet Sony themselves say its effecting gaming, social & the ps store , so ok we'll take your word over theirs lol

nucky641175d ago

that's right, mr got me! I make it my lifes work to make false reports about seen right through me!!!

and for those less intelligent folks - the above is sarcasm

sevilha821175d ago (Edited 1175d ago )

No,i´m in Portugal and it´s been down for over 3 hours now...the log in works,friend list and whatnot,but i can´t play Destiny,the store and other´s services are down as well.

sevilha821175d ago

I love it when someone disagrees with me on a personal experience of mine,as if that someone was right here next to me confirming that im wrong on whats happening on my own playstation,on my own tv.the idiocity of some of this site users is unbelivable.

Killzoner991175d ago

No problems for me either in the U.S. I think there is a lot of trolling going on here. The outage does not seem to be as widespread as people are making it out to be.

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jay21175d ago

defo working for me uk

Tout Man Ifik1175d ago

Not working for me in Belgium.

TLG19911175d ago

UK not working for me. Shows friends online but can't get online on games.

Sureshot1175d ago

Geez Sony, get your shit together!

reallyNow1175d ago

they are. thats why theres maintenance. i swear sometimes....

DragoonsScaleLegends1175d ago

Thanks Xbox hopefully you can push Sony in the right direction again.

WeAreLegion1175d ago

You say that like both services haven't been down like crazy this gen.

blackblades1175d ago

Didn't hurt me cause I wasn't on yet today, I was doing other things. People to depended on the internet these day. Feel sorry for them when the apocalypse ever came.

Dlacy13g1175d ago

as you type in a comment thread on a web page. #irony :)

Spotie1175d ago

People seem to not understand the meaning of the word irony anymore...

KUV19771175d ago

At least it's free... wait a minute...

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