Top 5 Batman Arkham Trilogy Best Moments

With Rocksteady going out with a bang with Batman: Arkham Knight, and the game winning PlayStation LifeStyle's Game of the Month for June, they decided why not compile the Batman Arkham trilogy’s best moments for their Top 5 Tuesday vid?

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excaliburps961d ago

Only one that's in Arkham Knight is number one. Rest are from the other two games unless I'm mistaken. :)

PaleMoonDeath961d ago

No spoilers, just PSN glitching my Batman trophy hunting, worse scare than that cheap fake glitch in Arkham Asylum!

Rebel_Scum961d ago

Kinda stink how they ignore Origins. It had less polish but it was damn better than AC.

Der_Kommandant961d ago

The ending in Arkham Knight was so powerful.

ironcrow2386961d ago (Edited 961d ago )

Apologies for any spoilers* my top 5 has to be: The heartbreaking final poison ivy moment, batman carrying the lifeless joker at end of AC, freeze boss fight, going into the morgue in AA not knowing what was to come and finally all 3 game intros

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