Rocket League PS4 Overheating Console Units, Servers Suffer PS Plus Hug of Death

Rocket League's PS4 launch hasn't gone to plan with buckling servers and consoles overgeating due to the game's...menus.

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Xavior_Reigns1175d ago

Wonder how widespread the issue is. Anyways hope Psyonix get it fixed asap.

MrDead1175d ago

Ether has the same problem, I'm still waiting for them to fix it but they know about the issue.

nX1175d ago (Edited 1175d ago )

I didn't have any problems during Alpha & Beta, shouldn't take long until everything's fixed. Anyway this game is mad fun and thanks to PS+ the servers will be always populated :)

uth111175d ago

Yeah, it's one of the reasons I deleted Ether One.

No excuse for that game to exercise the CPU/GPU harder than say Bloodborne

TedCruzsTaint1175d ago


I reviewed Ether One back at it's original release on PC last year.
The game had no real stability issues at that time. It was only when switching engines to Unreal 4 did these issues pop up.
They obviously couldn't get their heads around the new engine.

Sad to see, considering the game itself is pretty damn good.

frostypants1174d ago (Edited 1174d ago )

@uth11, hardware and drivers shouldn't allow software to overheat things in the first place. I know it happens on a lot of platforms, but really it's lack of foresight by those responsible for designing the platform itself that leads to this sort of thing. A software title developer shouldn't have to think about it.

In any event, I downloaded this last night but I guess I'll be waiting for a patch before I fire it up.

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Cra2yey31175d ago

The very first "report bug" i sent in the RL beta was the game makes my ps4 really loud. How did they not address it yet. Mustve thought i was part of the vocal minority and too lazy to report a bug...

Kappa Mikey1175d ago

I remember they sent out a tweet that said they were "going to look into it" I guess they never did.

frostypants1174d ago

It's a game of statistics. If one bug is reported by 90% of the base and another by, say, 2%, and they only have so much resources to dedicate to it, guess which one gets fixed? The severity of a bug should also have some weight but perhaps it was lost on them in this case.

UKmilitia1175d ago (Edited 1175d ago )

mine started doing it in the menus and once in game it was quiet again.
was like a turbine( i would say 80%speed)

i tweeting Playstation and they told me to rebuild HD lol,they think it cures everything.

the only other game this happend with was killzone

Link2DaFutcha1174d ago

Tweeting to playstation hasn't solved a single problem. They once tried to tell me that my season pass to better call saul must not have included the season finale because it didn't download it. Called somebody and restored licenses, issue fixed.

kaizokuspy1170d ago

I know this reply is Hella late, just wanted to say it over worked your fan while in the menus bc of something to do with the grass.

Crazyglues1174d ago (Edited 1174d ago )

Yeah this game had my PS4 screaming, I mean I have never, and I mean never heard the fan going so high ever...

On no game I have ever played, this had my PS4 screaming, I deleted this thing right away, it's crazy that this made it past testing...

Something is wrong in the code..

ChronoJoe1174d ago

Been playing it on two consoles without problems for about 12hours.

Left it idling on the menus for 2-3 hours.

No problems for me so far.

frostypants1174d ago

Maybe the issue only happens due to some obscure hardware difference between launch consoles and later ones or something.

DefenderOfDoom21174d ago

I am going to wait for patch or something before i download this game. Having fun playing PS Plus version of DRIVECLUB , so no worries here.

ChronoJoe1172d ago

Yeah I don't know why it affects some but not others. Quite like a lot of bugs really!

The patch has hit now anyway, so I wouldn't hold off. I hear it's fixed.

kaizokuspy1170d ago

Problem occurred when people used the right analog to change the camera on menu to see more blades of grass. They fixed it now though. Sorry for the late reply

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uth111175d ago

If your menu is making the fan go on overload, then you have a problem with your code!

chrish19901175d ago

Yeah it was a big problem during the beta, my console would get hella hot if I left the menu on while making a brew. Shocking it's still a problem to be honest.

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kneon1175d ago

I think it was one of the CODs from a few years ago had the same issue, when I went into the menu the fan would spin up, go back to playing and it went quiet again.

When your menu requires more compute resources than the actual game then you've got a problem. Maybe they shouldn't have the interns writing the UI code.

iTechHeads1175d ago

Yeah I was hoping on trying this game but I'll wait until there's a fix for this issue. Last thing I need is some indie game messing up my consoles GPU.

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no_more_heroes1175d ago

Severs or servers? Site needs to update.

chrish19901175d ago

Haha it's sorted now. Put that one down to a long bloody day!

ps4fanboy1175d ago

No wonder! This game is serious fun , can't wait to get online with it , cheers Sony!

boing11175d ago (Edited 1175d ago )

There might be some truth to that. I was in a beta and that was the only game that made my PS4 go overdrive with the cooling.