The Witcher 3 Gamelab Panel: Open World Storytelling with CDPR

Impressed by The Witcher 3's varied and deep range of side-stories and missions? Touched by the game's plot and story events? Well, as you might have guessed, there's been a lot of work put into that, and Gamelab 2015 attendees in Barcelona received a true master class on how to use "Storytelling as a tool for making open world games".

That's the title of Konrad Tomaszkiewicz's panel, and if you missed the live event, you can now replay the CD Projekt Red game director's full panel, with commentary on Wild Hunt's main missions, side quests, contracts, minor tasks and points of interest, all in search of variety, player choice, and unpredictability.

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Roccetarius1135d ago

I would probably have been happier with the storytelling if it was more like Witcher 2, because it narrows down the space they have to fill with something.

But we'll never know how CDPR would deal with the story / characters in that case. Emhyr for example is very different compared to how they portrayed him in the game. I also think Charles Dance's voice was wasted on the game, because he never really gets any screentime to use that voice.