Destiny Taken King PS4 bundle is old model despite MGSV bundle being CUH-1200 model

Despite the fact that the MGSV PS4 bundle hitting the US two weeks prior will be the new CUH-1200 model, the images shared today by Sony of the new Destiny Taken King PS4 LE in the US confirm that this special edition console will be an older model PS4, specifically the CUH-1116A.


This afternoon, a day later, Sony clarified that the packaging shots were made in error. This model will be the new CUH-1200 after all. The article itself has been updated to reflect this as well.

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FallenAngel19841257d ago

Omg how did this go unnoticed

mrbojingles1257d ago

Probably the reason for the special design, so flashy but meant to distract away from this being a means to clear old stock

Abriael1256d ago

It didn't. Only, the author assumed this was the case without actually verifying with Sony. The number on the box is simply a placeholder. The console is actually a CUH-1200. I verified with Sony myself today.

Killzoner991257d ago

Either way , they are both amazing consoles.

SolidUSP1256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )

Good to see that the mgsv red ps4 is coming to the US if anybody cares....