No Man’s Sky: Understanding the Universe | IGN

"The universe is overflowing with intelligent life, and yet No Man's Sky is an oppressively lonely journey. It's no wonder Hello Games' grand sci-fi adventure is about discovery -- in the isolation of space, at the ends of the universe, everyone is searching for purpose."

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bmwfanatic1227d ago

Please give us a release date soon!
Even if its early 2016 ( though I hope not) its the not knowing. I know they are a small studio doing their best just excited!

Rimeskeem1227d ago

Knowing that their E3 demo was completely unscripted. This game is closer than we think.

DigitalRaptor1227d ago

Yeah I thought so too. The UI looks gorgeous, and almost final from what I've seen, and the navigation across planetary systems is very smooth.

Hopefully it's a November or December release.

kayoss1227d ago (Edited 1227d ago )

I dont think there are enough days in my life to explore every single damn planets in this game. I may have to leave a will that states,
"In order to receive this will you must agree to explore whatever planets that are left over in No Man's Sky that I was unable to explore in my lifetime. If you are unable to explore all the planets in your life time. You must agree to pass this requirement down to your heir and have them explore the untouched planets. This requirement will be fulfilled once all planets have been explored regardless of how many generations it would take. Good Luck!"

I watched the entire video and there are a lot of planets. Hopefully they would add more actions to the game such as MMO big battles, Territory take over events, CO-OP raids of planets to obtain rare materials and items, and a several meeting points for all explorer can converge and join each other.

Rimeskeem1227d ago

lol, Murray did say the sun would explode in real life before we explored all the planets.

one2thr1227d ago

Good luck trying to explore 0.00001% of the 18 quintillion that are said to be unexplored at release.

God speed, cadet.

medman1227d ago (Edited 1227d ago )

Your descendants are going to be furious with you. They will enjoy the game, but they will have no chance to ever see your money.....