Get a 1TB PS4, Batman: Arkham Knight & PlayStation TV for under £300 in this ridiculous deal

Dealspwn: "Brace yourself, because you can currently buy the new 1TB PS4 model, one of the best games on the system and even get a free PlayStation TV into the bargain for less than £300."

Note: UK deal.

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TheImprobableMulk1112d ago

I actually think throwing in the PS TV is a great move. It's not like they're selling well as it is, and improving the install base might encourage developers to make more apps for the PS TV / Vita.

Rimeskeem1112d ago

In a very loose way it's kind of like giving BC to people. Very loose way....

TFJWM1111d ago

Umm. How is this in any way related to BC?

OT: Nice deal!

Rookie_Monster1111d ago (Edited 1111d ago )

You can pay and stream PS3 games on PS4 already without a PS TV so how is that any way "very loss way" of giving BC to people?

Most likely, Sony made tooo many of the PS TV and they are sitting in the warehouse and just a way of them trying to get rid of it.

OT: any freebies is nice though but in the ripoff UK, it still comes out to be around $470 in the US.

deadpoolio3161111d ago

Its not even remotely BC not sure where your getting that notion...Your still using PSnow which you can already use on the PS4...

The ONLY thing PStv does is allow you to play Vita games on your television, because and I know alot of people seem to have a hard time grasping this FACT PStv IS a Vita that doesn't have a screen because the screen is your television and NOTHING ELSE....

TwoForce1111d ago

Now that's something I would buy it.