Nintendo NX: A Handheld Console?

Katie Joell from Gamerscore Whores writes "Given that every single prediction we made for the year of Gaming 2015 has came true, with the exception of Half Life 3, our hit rate has been better than Michael Pachter himself. In Episode 50 of The Gamerscore Whores Podcast Katie discusses the Nintendo NX and wonders whether Nintendo will play to it’s strengths and create it’s next console to be a HD portable device which will have Wireless TV Out with an accompanying USB dongle. Listen from minute 25:00 on-wards, of course this is nothing more than predictions at this stage, but let’s start a debate on what Nintendo’s next console could be."

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FallenAngel19841204d ago

I believe that the NX will be a handheld. It only makes more sense that 3DS will get its successor before Wii U does

BenRage31204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

I agree. It stand to reason that the NX reveal will be similar to the DS reveal. I say that because DS was supposed to be a third pillar, sort of an experimental system, which eventually took of to replace the Gameboy. Plus the time period suggests that a handheld would come out before a console.

My best guess is NX will be a new handheld system, conceptually something Nintendo hasn't done before, and I think it is possible it will have an HDMI port just to make it a little more enticing to gamers.

MSBAUSTX1204d ago

The problem with that theory is that nintendo always announces a new console on the fourth year of their current one. So either it is a stroke of genius to distract us with the NX and it actually be a handheld and then announce a new home Console for 2017 also at the same time or it is actually the Wii U replacement.

If it isnt a Wii U replacement then they better drum up some games for 2016 because their lineup is the weakest of all three without third party games coming. If it is a handheld then it better be the best one ever made and play new 3DS and all other 3DS games as well. They have a lot of orders to fill with anything they release. Whether or not they can do it has yet to be determined.

BenRage31204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )


Blah, Blah, Blah

You do not know anything about how to run a business. Your narcissism knows no boundaries. Your incoherent rant reeks of bias and emotion.

Your only semi-valid point is the game lineup. But Nintendo rarely gives us all of the information for the year at E3. Remember the 3DS XL? Announced only a few months after E3. Your opinion is not shared by everyone. Splatoon, Xenoblade Chronicles, Mario Maker, Yoshi, and Starfox this year isn't that bad. 5 highly rated first party games? Why is that not good enough for you? The only reason people have been ranting about how weak this year's lineup is, is because Zelda got delayed. Fair enough, I wanted Zelda as bad as anyone. But that doesn't equate to a weak lineup.

Along with Mario Kart and Smash Bros, Nintendo can sell systems this year. Obviously not as much as their competitors, but the lineup isn't as bad as you make it out to be.

FallenAngel19841204d ago

Nintendo doesn't have a formula of when they release their next handheld, and its definitely not always in the 4th year of its current one.

BenRage31204d ago

No one is definitively saying otherwise. We are just speculating. All theories are welcome. If Nintendo releases a new home console, it will certainly be a surprise given that they have never done so, so quickly.

I am guessing this will be another third pillar system that could either replace the 3DS, Wii U or both. Nintendo is notoriously secretive, so no one really knows.

As long as it appeals to the consumer, I really do not care what shape it takes.

3-4-51203d ago

It's getting near the cycle to for a new Nintendo handheld.

3DS launched in 2011, so next year is year 6 and that is probably the last year of major 3DS games releasing.

* The 3DS install base will stick around for another 3-4 years though so games will be made, but the shift to NX is definitely happening, or already has internally within Nintendo.

* I think they saw the writing on the way with Wii U, and it makes sense to reinvigorate your fanbase with something to get them excited about again.

* The NX takes the heat off Wii U, brings excitement, and buys a bit of time to refocus the next Console in a direction that make sense for everyone.

* They can study the reaction to the NX and make adjustments before the next console release.

* This could mean 2016 = NX = New Handheld

or it could just be revealed in 2016 with a release in 2017.

* I think Nintendo reveals some stuff about it at E3 2016 and then releases it soon after.

* 2017 would then be the reveal of the next Nintendo console and possibly 2018 being that consoles release date.

Just a random theory, but there is so much information we just don't know.

Still though, new Nintendo stuff always has me excited, especially after the disappointment that was E3 this year.

uth111204d ago

> our hit rate has been better than Michael Pachter himself

Wow, really set the bar low there!

Loktai1204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

Yeah... I think half the guys on this site have more predictions pan out than Pachter.

Spotie1204d ago

And that's the half that always guesses wrong.

BenRage31204d ago

Pachtner knows next to nothing about video games. He's a narcissistic blowhard, who never gets anything right. I personally have nothing but contempt for the sad little gimp who openly admits he only plays games a few hours a week. The media is in a sad state of affairs when people listen to this pompous little hobbit.

I usually do not come down so hard on anyone, but Pachtner rubs me the wrong way with his completely absurd projections. He said the Vita would outsell the 3DS, Wii U would sell 50 million +. I wish he would just go away.

blackblades1203d ago

Maybe it's both a console and handheld. Hmm na.

Loktai1203d ago

Thats almost what the Wii U was .... I Dont know if they'll make that mistake again. They said openly they had the problems they did partly because tablets became commonplace and obsoleted the model they planned for Wii U, I would love to see a more traditional console with more of Nintendos traditional franchises and see them come back from this back into the oriignal Wii days but maybe less casual oriented.

I would buy that especially if it happens halfway through the generation and not alongside another big console launch.