File size revealed for Rare Replay on Xbox One

The file size has been revealed for the upcoming Xbox One compilation, Rare Replay.

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Rimeskeem957d ago

For 30 games that is like nothing.

4Sh0w957d ago

Im not the nostalgic type but damm 30 old school games in one spot with tons of points, I guess its a great opportunity to check out Battletoads with my daughter.

TheNew1957d ago

LOL even if I removed my External Hard Drive I would still be able to install this.

Software_Lover957d ago (Edited 957d ago )

Jetforce Gemini <3 <3 <3 <3

Edit: If a current gen remake needs to be done, that is the one with multiplayer in tow.

SlapHappyJesus957d ago

I would love to see a modern remake/continuation of the series.

So many fond memories of that one.

Kribwalker957d ago

I loved jet force Gemini, ratchet and clank before ratchet and clank. I also love Kameo, fantastic launch game

957d ago
Thunder_G0d_Bane957d ago

I'm buying this replay for Kameo alone it's worth it lol can't wait to try the other games.

mhunterjr957d ago

They just need to make a sequel... Using the Kinect Sports Rivals engine... Such a beautiful engine gone to waste so far...

franwex957d ago

I'll save you guys a click, it is 12.38 GB.

Software_Lover957d ago

I get in trouble for that. They send me a PM and say .................... stop, lol

franwex956d ago

Really? Well....I'll mask it next time and say something like: "Woah, 12.38 GB is tiny compare to how much data games hold these days, OMG!!!1 :P"

Kalebninja957d ago

I'll get it I've heard some of these are fantastic and I've never been able to play conker. Plus I haven't played a good game on my xbone since sunset overdrive.

Kribwalker957d ago

Ori is fantastic and on sale right now. Worth a buy for sure, and state of decay is also pretty solid

Kalebninja957d ago (Edited 957d ago )

I only buy exclusives on my consoles. I have ori for pc.

Thunder_G0d_Bane957d ago

That's a good way to keep it Kale. Exclusives on console multiplats on PC. That's how me and my friends keep things.

Saying that tho... I cannot wait for Halo 5 looks absolutely stunning. And I played the beta it's amazingly fun.

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