Now You Can Explore Gotham In Day Time In Arkham Knight Thanks To Mods On PC

ASidCast: "Thanks to mods on PC now you can explore Gotham during day time, or rather during the wee hours of day time when the sun is setting (or rising? I can't really tell). Batman Arkham Knight is still very much broken on PC but at least the mods make it worth it if nothing else."

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Zero1091232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

That's pretty cool. With some more work, it could affect the entire City. With this mod on, it's now.... Batman: Arkham Morning!

Edit: Patiently waiting till the PC version gets fixed.

Agent_00_Revan1231d ago

Batman: Arkham not so Knight

FullmetalRoyale1231d ago

Batman: Arkham Mourning is what I was going to say. But I like yours better. :)

Kingdomcome2471231d ago

They even have birds chirping. It feels weird seeing Batman soar above Gotham during the daytime.

starchild1231d ago

Looks cool. I love messing around with mods.