An Improved Project Morpheus And What It Could Mean for the PS4

PS4Home: "Immersion is the key word. Many of the Project Morpheus demos focus on the possibilities that this new technology can bring to Playstation 4 games."

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BlueOnBlue22924d ago

Can"t wait for this to come out!!

_LarZen_924d ago (Edited 924d ago )

The moment you try VR for the first time is a magical moment. All disbelief and misconception on how it would be or not be is just blown away...

As you are no longer watching a virtual world. But take the plunge and visually enters it.

It's a moment I will never forget. My first time was 2 years ago. And still to this day it feels like a lucid dream.

I'm so excited for VR to be a commercial product. It's going to change the industry. And peoples lives.

Volkama924d ago

I remember my first VR experience like it was yesterday! But it wasn't yesterday. It was about 17 years ago, at the Trocadero in London on the 3rd floor of Sega World.

I can't say I found the experience particularly immersive or convincing. I did get a little plastic badge as reward for getting the highest score though, so that probably means it was better than Rift or Morpheus.

_LarZen_924d ago

Hehe, yeah thankfully allot have happened in 17 years when it comes to technology. It's going so fast now it's almost a little scary.

amiga-man924d ago

I think it is fair to say VR has come a long way in 17 years, we are at the cusp of a revolutionary gaming experience, VR can't come soon enough for me.

THC CELL924d ago

Guys u need to stock up on move controllers, they are dirt cheap at the moment. Before the price go back up. Game I work at are on about move bundles coming with morph

UltraNova924d ago

We better start saving up..I never bought a move controller nor the PS camera so I'm in for some wallet dieting when Morpheus comes out.

@The Cell

Make sure you'll let us know of any price talks/whispers you hear!

mogwaii924d ago (Edited 924d ago )

As thc cell said buy them now in prep while they are cheap cause they will definitely go up when the morpheus comes out....unless they release updated versions of both the camera and move and that would suck hard, lol

UltraNova924d ago

"unless they release updated versions of both the camera and move and that would suck hard, lol"

Well my friend, my thoughts exactly... I wouldn't want them to gimp the VR headset's potential just to support existing versions of PS MOVE and PS camera.

That said, I hope Sony planed for VR before they introduced the move controllers.

strickers924d ago

They will use same Move/ Camera. Nothing wrong with them at all. They are accurate, fast and reliable tech.
Lack of commercial success was more down to Wii having done all that, a lack of compelling software, and that the TV based motion control was flawed in concept. However, it could work very well in virtual 3D space.

mogwaii924d ago

I really hope this is a real game changer, from e3 reports they have a few things to fix before launch like the screen and resolution so it'll compete with occulus, apparently there is a slight "fly screen effect" with morpheus and more of a awarness of having goggles on compared to occulus. With these fixes i expect the morpheus to be the game changer i think it can be and i cant wait!

strickers924d ago

Not deal beakers for Morpheus when PS4 is a very low barrier to entry.
Xbox One still plays good games despite coming up short against PS4 technically.
Morpheus has some of its own advantages. Works well with glasses, has reprojection tech to make lower framerate work and has head tracking, pad tracking (and for some is us) no extra pads to buy. Plus, Sony 1st party.

mogwaii922d ago

All means naught if the display is sub par and the games are severely graphically inferior to standard ps4 games.

strickers922d ago

The display is hardly sub par. I forgot the 2nd screen multiplayer, which can be 2D version of Morpheus screen, or asynchronous for upto 4 players with Morpheus