Xbox’s Phil Spencer Believes More Industry Executives Should Be Gamers

Xbox boss Phil Spencer believes the industry would be all the better if all of the executives, studio big wigs and publishers running the show actually played video games.

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creeping judas1258d ago

We have a saying in the banking industry and that is "if you cannot buy into your own product, how do you expect to sell it?". I think that should be the same for the games industry, how can you sell games if you don't play themselves. Then at least you would have an understanding of what consumers would want.

dead_pixels1258d ago (Edited 1258d ago )

Very well said. Though it's worth noting that former Nintendo president Hiroshi Yamauchi had virtually no experience in the field and presided over a company that redefined the games industry during his tenure.

Cy1257d ago

There's no such thing as an absolute rule that's always true. But I think generally it's better for executives to have experience in business and gaming.

Mr Pumblechook1257d ago

What is this if not a dig at Andrew House?

DLConspiracy1257d ago


There are more than just console gaming executives in the industry.

styferion1257d ago

Don't worry, compared to other entertainment industries gaming is relatively new, wait some few years for people who experience gaming in their childhood to replace old executives.

remixx1161257d ago

Bingo mandingo, Phil was the perfect guy to set up for this position..... MS made the right call on stick him up there I guess.

Same with Shu.....I mean the guy platinumed bloodborne (I haven't even done that yet).

Good guys I guess.

FoxyGotGame1257d ago (Edited 1257d ago )

Who can disagree with that? Which is why, when I learned Phil Spencer & Shuei Yoshida actually Game, and also on each others platform, it gave me more confidence that both are in the appropriate role.

warczar1257d ago

Or did they both just say that to bolster consumer confidence? Haven't we all figured out by now that CEO's are just walking pr statements? Say you game, take a picture with a controller in your hand and a big shit eating grin on your face and people think "this guy's a gamer just like me". My guess is they game about an hour a week.

FoxyGotGame1257d ago (Edited 1257d ago )


That's awfully Cynical of you. I'm sure you have no evidence to back those claims. The "CEO" part of your comment is too broad. My comment is focused on the aforementioned Spencer/Yoshida.

You even used "My Guess is....", so it's purely speculation on your part. It matters not anyway, since I don't allow other peoples influences to dictate or direct what I think, enjoy or purchase.

warczar1257d ago

Never said I wasn't speculating and when I say ceo I mean every ceo in the world including spencer/Yoshida, sorry if that runs contrary to your world view. I've been living through this capitalist bs for 35 years, I've had enough pr smoke blown up my ass I should be a coal factory so excise me if I'm cynical, tell me something I don't know. As for the matter at hand, other than there word you have about as much proof that Spencer and Yoshida are gamers as I have that they are not so really were both just speculating.

Dudebro901257d ago

Nintendo needs to get rid of Reggie for this reason.

blackblades1257d ago

Lol should of seen him at the championship, he trashed talked and everything and got beat down horribly. Looked liked he never even play smash bros before probably didn't.

TXIDarkAvenger1257d ago

Yeah that was just awful, even if he was facing a pro. A lot of the times he died on his own by not knowing how to recover back onto the stage.

blackblades1257d ago

Yeah and he was punching when the guy wasn't even near him. Then he was like oh you play 16hrs a day, and I work 16hrs a day.

ps360s1257d ago (Edited 1257d ago )

Companies hire people with experience with the role and not so much people with the interests to that company

That is true with every company

but it is good to hire someone who has the experience/interest to the role but it's rare

Immorals1257d ago

In my industry (pubs), I'd hire someone who has an interest in beers, wines and food but has no experience over someone who has experience, but little/no interest.

Struggling to think of any other examples :p

HammockGames1257d ago

Well said. And hey, why settle?

If you need a beverage quality control specialist, I'll happily apply both my interest and experience.

No need to thank me!

ps360s1257d ago

That in some cases are true but most are not, My friends owns a bar/pub and he has hired people without interests in beverages (looks and customer service skills)

same can be said with Game Stores (most don't know about games)

and same with PC World/Carphone warehouse :) (they have the skills but not the interests)

creeping judas1257d ago

You can have all kinds of experience, but without passion that experience is just past performance. It's when the people that have a passion for what they do, that they perform the best.

fOrlOnhOpe571257d ago

I always thought that Shuei Yoshida is one of the Play Station brands greatest assets, for that reason alone.
His obvious passion is what makes so many gamers feel they can relate to him.

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