PlayStation TV, memory cards and other Vita accessories discounted

Several notable PlayStation Vita accessory have been discounted in the U.S., including the PlayStation TV (52 percent off to $38.09), 16GB PlayStation Vita Memory Card (33% off to $39.99), 32GB PlayStation Vita Memory Card (33% off to $67.32), PS Vita Portable Charger (70% off to $14.99) and more.

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FallenAngel19841136d ago

The PSTV is a nice price, but the memory cards are still overpriced

BenRage31136d ago

110% agree. $29.99 for a 16 gig card is insane. I bought a 32 gig SD card for my 3DS for less than that. Someday I will upgrade my 8 gig card for my Vita, but not today.

magiciandude1136d ago

8GB? Try a 4GB in my case...

Rookie_Monster1136d ago

Wow even with 33% off, the 16gb Vita memory card still cost $40 in 2015? I can get a 64gb micro sd for under $30. Man, those things are rediculous overpriced by Sony.

DualWielding1136d ago

If you want to know why the Vita failed, looked no further than the hyperexpensive propietary memory cards

blackblades1136d ago

What the hell, 32gb been at that price forever. It's not a discount, watch and see the next game deal post will be the same price. If you want a deal go to CAG

uth111136d ago

Those "discounts" are about what they sell them for normally!

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