Triple Triad Online: keeping the Final Fantasy minigame alive

When Cyril Bondue first played Triple Triad, the peculiar card-collecting minigame from Final Fantasy VIII, he became slightly obsessed. For Bondue, like many other fans of Squaresoft’s (now Square Enix) enduring JRPG of the late ’90s, playing Triple Triad became more important than the main game itself.

Ten years on, Bondue decided to take his love for Triple Triad a step further. While still attending school in his native Berlin, he tried his hand at programming. But with no experience, he decided to create a fan project based on an existing franchise. Naturally, Triple Triad was at the forefront of his mind and thus Triple Triad Flash Online was born. Today, TTFO has over 36,000 registered users and hosts approximately 140 games per day, not to mention fortnightly championships which see 150-200 players face off for coveted character cards. Back in 2009, however, TTFO wasn’t as well established as it is now.

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