Sega's Making a New Console Game and Wants to Regain Trust from Their Fans

Sega hasn't exactly been a quality publisher in the past couple of years, but they're at least saying that'll change.

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Whirlwind_Fanfare_081020d ago

Bring it on sega! i'm ready to gain your trust back.

ShugaCane1020d ago

A Dreamcast 2 with Soul Reaver, Power Stone and Jet Set Radio Future sequels. Ahah, that would be amazing.

GigawattConduit1020d ago

If they announced a Dreamcast 2, so many people would crap their pants in glee.

GigawattConduit1020d ago

Not familiar with Power Stone or Soul Reaver, were those any good? I only vaguely know of Jet Set because of mentions on Twitter and apparently that's what Sunset Overdrive kinda reminded people of?

ShugaCane1020d ago

Power Stone is simply one of the coolest fighter ever. It is so fun. The only problem is that there are not many characters. But apart from that, it was definitely a must-play back then.

As for Soul Reaver, let's say it features the best depiction of vampires in video games, and probably one of the best written fantasy narrative of all time. It's dark, gritty, with complex characters, a rich lore and terrific twists. Seriously you should try the Legacy of Kain series if you haven't already. Those games are amazing.

DemonChicken1020d ago (Edited 1020d ago )

Why a DC2? Pretty sure the title said console game?

Well considering it's coming to TGS, it's probably a Japanese game (at least not another sonic)

But the question is will they localise it? Sega your pretty crap at localising games- the ones I want to throw money at you anyway

Edit same news - ??

Loktai1020d ago


Why soul reaver? DC got a port but it was always more of a playstation franchise. I would love to see a new one though but I Would hope they wouldnt call it Dreamcast 2... I'd rather they name it something totally new and it should launch with a new Phantasy Star, power stone like you said, and how about shining force and a sonic? hmm... I'd die with glee.

breakpad1020d ago (Edited 1020d ago )

Sonic is by far the best mascot in gaming and the most appealing ...they could start from there but they just need to give Sonic to some serious veteran JAPANESE developers , i repeat JAPANESE developers (aka no princes , no beasts, no human worlds ,...just return to the surreal Sonic world of the first 2 games)...IMO they can handle it properly and win back the disapointed fans ...

remixx1161020d ago

JET SET RADIO FUTURE!!!!! ATHVEYHVJYRFG$#3:;+8%%;-7% fuzz dude that would be great.

guitarded771020d ago

I don't think that many people would be gleeful about having to buy another console to play SEGA games. I think most like SEGA being a dev/pub... although they haven't really made the same quality of games consistently since they got out of hardware.

Septic1020d ago

I also thought it said a new console for a moment and my heart skipped! Ah how amazing a Dreamcast 2 could be :'(

Blacksand11020d ago

We should do a kickstarter for Skies of Arcadia.

princejb1341020d ago

power stone was cap com by the way
power stone 2 has quiet a few characters

BVFTW1020d ago (Edited 1020d ago )

Loktai, Come on dude! Legacy of Kain "a playstation thing" give me a break! it was a multi-platform franchise from the start and every title is available on PC since the first game: "Blood Omen" and even a Sega Saturn version was in development along side the Playstation version but it was cancelled due to declining sales of the platform. There isn't one single legacy of kain game developed exclusively for playstation and the latest title (currently in open beta for PC), the spin-off "Nosgoth" hasn't been announced for sony's platform yet.

franwex1020d ago

Well technically Power Stone is owned by CAPCOM (another company that should win back fans); but yeah, it would be nice to see it again on a Sega console.

XisThatKid1020d ago

Dude, I have never agreed more on a n4g comment ever.

africanphoenix1019d ago

It's "Console Game", not "Game Console". Sega is making a new game, not a new game console.

ShugaCane1019d ago (Edited 1019d ago )


Yeah I know, I was just speculating ! DC was cool back then so I wouldn't mind getting a new one if it's done properly.

otherZinc1019d ago

And Daytona, Sonic, & Virtua Fighter.

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showtimefolks1020d ago (Edited 1020d ago )


Give us a proper new sonic game
bring all yakuza games to west at a lunch
give us shenmue 1 and 2 hd remakes
give us new street of rage

scark921020d ago

Yes! and bring Valkyria Chronicles 3 to the west!

tee_bag2421020d ago

Yes yes yes! I'd kill for a new streets of rage

3-4-51020d ago

Sonic 1,2,3 were GREAT games.

Sonic Advance 1,2,3 are really the only other ok sonic games, as they are the closest to the original style.

They had ALL brand new levels and didn't rehash stuff like the generations game did.

* Sega, go make Sonic 2.....but call it Sonic 5.

Have it play the same, but be all completely new levels and you have winner.

princejb1341020d ago

that won't work
sonic generation and sonic 4 ring a bell?
people have to come to reality and realize sonic is done. i rather have a new IP from sega any day than their fail multi attempts to revive their mascot

gamejediben1020d ago

The thing is...

Sega isn't capable of making good Sonic games anymore but the good news is that other developers are.

Check out "Freedom Planet" and you'll soon forget about wanting Sega to make another Sonic game. Freedom Planet is the best "Sonic" game I've ever played. Period.

3-4-51020d ago

* Sega is really good at creating new ideas, but maintaining them is usually where it gets stale.

I'm kind of excited for this. I hope it's a new IP.

thisismyaccount1020d ago (Edited 1020d ago )

After that fiasko! aka Shenmue 2 for the xbox 2001 (exclusive)... they´re dead to me. 15 years we had to wait for a Shenmue 3 you greedy f··· at SEGA, you were led by some dumbf## that jumped ship (to Xbox) after the DC failed and grabbed Shenmue 2 as an exlusive... what a great move that was SEGA.

What a great concept of a console the DC was, what a terrible company supporting it.

Azzanation1019d ago

Would have been better if the headline said "Sega's making a new console"

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TwoForce1020d ago

Hell yeah ! I would want to play it. So do it, Sega !

FlyingFoxy1020d ago

I could definitely go for that.

FoxyGotGame1020d ago (Edited 1020d ago )

Agreed on a new Streets of a new Jet Set Radio , Skies of Arcadia Remake, Shining Force Remaster Collection, new Sonic game and Powerstone 1 & 2 Remakes....All Multiplatform No Exclusivity.


fuzzyinthepants1020d ago

how do they expect our trust back when they still got this joke page up and running saying the game is coming 4 years later ... still nothing. no thanks sega.

Shinuz1020d ago

Exactly they've been trolling us for too long!! ;)

Immorals1020d ago

It's flash, so won't even load on my tablet. Even worse.

DragoonsScaleLegends1020d ago

Wow haven't seen a flash based website for a few years.

SegaGamer1020d ago

Fed up with being messed around by SEGA. I loved them growing up, they made the majority of the games i loved the most. Now they just ignore us.

I can never trust them until they give this game to us. It's very late now, maybe too late, but i can't think of any reason why we still don't have the game localized.

Phantasy Star games have proven to be very popular outside of Japan. So for them to not localize the game is just pathetic.

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just_sayin1020d ago

Come on Sega do it Skies of Arcadia remake/remaster for ps4

Loktai1020d ago

Id take just a new game... getting tired of the remakes frankly. WE already played skies of arcadia, I want a new skies and for it to be built for the system.

MUGEN811020d ago

And Xbox One...was a good game for Dreamcast..😁

princejb1341020d ago

why a new console when we can play any sega game on the consoles out now