Bungie Day Rewards for Destiny Vets on 7/7/2015

Tuesday 7/7/15 is Bungie day and Destiny vets will get a reward for being loyal and dedicated guardians. This may not be what all day one players have been asking for as far as a reward goes but it is something that Bungie has been working on for a long time and to be honest, something is better than nothing.

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Neonridr1020d ago (Edited 1020d ago )

A new emblem... I guess that's better than nothing.... right?

Palitera1019d ago

This is them telling people to buy their games on release. Not a coincidence that the most overpowered weapon in the game was given only to early adopters.
Yes, Gjalakaboomrn.
So, yeah, pretty bad that their tactic is to mess with game balance and item availability to plant the idea that people should buy their games early or they (probably) won't have access to some highest tier items.

LAWSON721019d ago

You do know a few months back the Gally was for sale from Xur, any Destiny player that played fairly often would have been able to but it. I took a hiatus until the week after the sale, and did the vault of glass twice, the first time a random I got from a lfg site got it and the next time I did with more randoms.

I don't think there is any situation other than the hard PoE where the thing is pretty much required. It is by no means difficult to play with people if you do not have one. The raids, nightfall are all usually easy if you are on the right level anyway and getting a group is quick and easy. I post my name up on an LFG site and get 5 messages in a matter of minutes.

Neonridr1019d ago

@LAWSON72 - the Gjallarhorn was sold week 2 by Xur. That's it. He has never sold it again. Nobody knew what they were buying at the time... so those that were lucky enough to grab it were in for a treat.

I doubt Xur will ever sell it again.

Palitera1019d ago

A lot of players (including myself) kept playing for this item, the single only one missing out of the whole collection.
Bungie will put it on Xursday again when they need good attention, it's an ace on their sleeve.

And I played the raid 3 times every week on hard for months. How many times have I seen Gjalla drop there? None.

Yeah, lots of ascendant shards there...

AtariFanboy1020d ago

Buy all our DLC and get a shiny new emblem!

KwietStorm1019d ago

Been working on for a long time?? Well I guess that makes sense when you look at the game itself.

Jughead34161019d ago

After almost a year of playing Destiny, I'm still addicted to it and all, and would love to defend it. But this is some crap. An emblem? C'mon Bungie! I gotta complete this ridiculous list of tasks to prove my dedication to the game for an emblem? AN EMBLEM?

thejigisup1019d ago (Edited 1019d ago )

Should've given separate emblems, shaders, and ghosts to alpha, beta, and launch day guardians. At least then it'd be interesting...

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The story is too old to be commented.